Vodka is a clear liquor composed primarily of water and ethanol. Traditionally Vodka is made by the distillation of cereal grains or potatoes. While Vodka may be distilled from a variety of substances, rye and wheat vodkas are generally considered the most superior.

Vodka is traditionally drunk neat (no mixers or ice), though often it is served chilled from the bottle (keep your vodka in the freezer!). It is also a staple in a wide variety of cocktails and mixed drinks.

In Poland – vodka has been produced since the middle ages with varied local traditions, similar to the variation of cognac in France or Scotch from Scotland.

Recently flavoured Vodkas have hit the market in too many varieties to enumerate. Examples include: whip cream vodka, root beet vodka, cherry vodka, among many others. All types of herbs, grasses, spices and fruit essences may be added to the vodka after distillation. Vodka is also unique in that it may be flavoured after purchase by a consumer – all you need to do is put some flavouring in the bottle and let it sit (Skittles vodka has been trending).


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