Produced from the juniper berry – each brand is carefully blended to give it an individual taste.  The most common botanicals are juniper and coriander, but brands can contain many.

Gin is made in a continuous still to reach 96 percent alcohol content.  The spirit is then re-distilled along with select botanicals to produce premium gin.

The most common botanicals include angelica, juniper berries, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice, orrisroot, cassia bark, calamus root, cardamon and cinnamon.  Extra-dry gins usually contain more angelica or licorice, citrusy gins contain more orange or lemon peel.

There are five main categories of Gin

  • Dutch Gin – Mixed with malt wine
  • London Dry – Common Gin, blended with botanicals
  • Old Tom (slightly sweetened) – A mixture of Dutch and London Dry gin with added sugar
  • Plymouth (slightly sweetened) – Made in Plymouth, England with Wheat based spirit
  • Sloe Gin (slightly fruity) – Neutral grain spirit mixed with blackthorn or sloe berries with added sugar


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