Vanilla Vargas

Vanilla Vargas


Mixing Directions


Fill highball glass half way with ice.  Pour in liquor, top with cola – stir and serve.


Inspired By –

1001 Cocktails

Ratings –

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) – Worst thing I’ve drunk in a while

Comments –

Whoever came up with this drink was insane. It’s just a mug full of liquor. It burns, the flavours don’t necessarily match well, I can pick each one out individually, which is not what you want in a drink.

I didn’t even follow the recipe and add the full four shots of vanilla liqueur, cut back at 3, because four would have basically filled the whole glass and I though having more than a splash of pepsi was kind of important.

Drinking half and adding more pepsi did not improve the drink in fact it made it worse, if that is possible.

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