Software – DOSBox


If you hadn’t noticed, I have a certain bit of nostalgia for games “back in the day” which is why you’ll often find me Retrogaming rather than buying the newest and greatest from the local Gamestop.  This is probably because of the types of games I enjoy, which are limited to single player experience and don’t involve shooting other players.  The RPG genre of video games have really devolved from the fantastic experiences they used to provide.

All that aside – I recently found another program to fuel my gaming addiction, and it is called DOSbox.  It’s a fantastic emulator that simulates an old DOS environment, complete with CPU limiter so I can play all  those old games as they were designed to be played.

It’s funny, because I’ve been using emulators for ages, but never thought of investigating one for a DOS environment.

To go with DOSbox, I also discovered GOG (Great Old Games) where I am able to find all those old games I remember playing and get a second chance.  I’ve already delved back in to the King’s Quest series with my wife. It’s amazing how much more difficult a text parser makes a game than just being able to click things on the screen.

Any games you remember playing that you’d like to see featured here?  Let me know.