R's Journal – Tragic Bombing Kills 200+

no-to-isis-12[1]It may surprise you to learn that ISIS set off a bomb yesterday killing over 200 people. I say it may surprise you, because with such a huge death toll, you might expect to see it covered in the media, with Nation Leaders speaking of solidarity in the face of such a horrible act of terror. With people reaching out to the victims in a show of universal solidarity. With offers of help and support for those affected by such a tragedy.

250 dead, the lack of news coverage doesn’t tell us how many injured, or how many effected. Where is the twitter hastag to follow? Who is organizaing the prayer circles, and all night vigils?

I was surprised to turn on Facebook and see a dearth of posts with proud flags flying, or “our hearts are with you”, or any of the other meme nonsense that I never take part in, but usually alerts me to some major catastrophe that has happened. Where is the Facebook generator that allows me to show my support in the wake of this tragedy?

There has been no call for reprisal, no declarations of intent to curtail these actions – nothing. Not even from the affected country. The news lays out the facts in an impartial and unemotional state. But why is this time so different?

Oh, I forgot to mention, this happened in Baghdad, and it was a Mosque that was bombed. The people who died were Muslims. I suppose they got what they deserved, since they’re all terrorists anyway, aren’t they.

Well not all of us have failed to notice, Iraq – and this act of terror brings you closer to us, and we, all of us need to stand together united against these tragedies, as one race of people.

Iraq Flag - Baghdad

I would also like to apologize if these quotes are not wholly appropriate.  I hope you can appreciate the intention, and the place they come from.  I am not Muslim, but they spoke to me, and so I have included them here.

This place is a dream.
Only a sleeper considers it real.
Then death comes like dawn,
And you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief

~Jalal ad-Deen Rumi

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Thanks for the post, Richard. You should read Kim Baker’s book, The Taliban Shuffle. Journalists have struggled for years to interest the west in the hardships of the east. A big part of the problem.


Thanks Sam – I will look in to that. You can really see a disparity of caring if you take the time to look, which is a shame really. The artificial boundaries and lines we draw for each other just continue pushing us apart.