R's Journal – Pepsi Shots

pepsi shotApologies if the title is misleading, there is no liquor involved, though this does alter brain chemistry so it’s probably similar?

So there is this thing I do/discovered one day when I was out at a hotel, and have perfected over time.  It’s not something I like to do all the time, but every once in a while it’s a great treat.  Normally if I’m tired, or sleepy, or my brain is fuzzy, or I’m hot, or need a pick me up, or really thirsty.

Anyway, the tools you’ll need to pull this off:

One bottle of Pepsi, or other equally awesome soda of your choice.  NOT Coke.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Pepsi Bottle

One large ice holder – a glass, or ice bucket or whatever else you have handy to save running back and forth to the freezer.  Alternatively, skip this and run back and forth to the freezer.

Glass of ice

One small glass of ice, something small round and stout is best.  I lean toward a small plastic kids cup, or rocks glass.  The little hotel cups are ideal.

small glass of ice

Step 1:

  • Fill small glass with Pepsi about 3/4.

Step 2:

  • Wait 30 seconds minimum.  Then Drink Pepsi

Step 3:

  • Top up ice in small cup from large cup if ncessary

Step 4:

  • Repeat 1


Now this may sound overly simple, but it’s awesome.  The Pepsi is super cooled, but not watered down, so each time you drink some Pepsi, it’s cool, awesome and you drink down the ice water, then start over and the whole cycle repeats.

Now – it’s important not to let the small cup sit around with Pepsi and ice in it, or it’ll get really watered down and icky.  If you’re not going to drink right away, just leave it, and when you’re ready top with ice, drain off the water and fill with Pepsi.

So – now you know another one of my secrets.  Enjoy!