R's Journal – My sheet struggle

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As long as I can remember, I’ve struggled to sleep.  Throughout my life I think this has been due to several factors – but it’s something I still struggle with to this day.  Now I’ve never officially been told I have some form of insomnia, but in general I think insomnia means “have trouble sleeping” which I can self diagnose pretty easily.

For most of my life I remember my bed feeling empty, like it was missing something, and the best sleeps I’ve ever had, have been in the  company of another person.  I believe I’m just not programmed to sleep alone, and if I am alone, I’m always looking for the other person who isn’t in the bed.  This has been driven home to me, by how restless I am alone in a bed, compared to how I sleep when I’m with a partner.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m only “less” restless.  I have heard innumerable complaints about punching, kicking, beating, laying on and pushing out of the bed.  I’m happy to have an understanding wife who knows that I’m not doing it on purpose, and can wake me up when I’m getting violent.

The violence comes and goes – I have always been plagued by nightmares, none of which I remember long after I wake up.  I’m a frequent “faller” (spellcheck thinks I’m a frequent feller, which I don’t think is the same thing at all), where I slam in to my body at the bottom of a long drop.  I also regularly save the world, and that doesn’t come without a price (for my partner).

Wow Rich, that’s sure a lot of lead time before you say anything about sheets … is something you might be saying.  Well, you’re right – but the backstory is important.

When it comes to sheets, they are supposed to stay on the bed, unfortunately they have this habit of coming off the bed, when I’m flailing around like a maniac.  Partly this is due to my capacity to wake up sleeping on a bundle of blankets with my head at the footboard and my feet kicking things off my nightstand.  Partly it’s because I am HOT, all the time hot.  Not hawt, hot – nice of you to say though.

So, when I’m sleeping – my hot kicks  in to overdrive, and I sweat.  Sweat makes sheets stick to me.  Sheets sticking to me while I’m rolling around unconscious means, bed becomes a mess.  I’m sure you can see how that formula would play out.  I try to minimize it by rolling a certain direction if I wake up and need to turn over, or other things that never seem to work.  Sometimes I wake up and there’s no sheets, not on me, under me, or within grabbing distance.  Usually that’s because my wife got tired of them being piled on her and balled them up and shoved them somewhere.

So what can you do to keep a made bed so you aren’t doing it all over every morning?  Well nothing works every time, and we’ve tried lots of things.  They make these sheet clip things that attach to your sheet and go under the mattress.  I broke those, and broke some sheets.  We tried deeper sheets, different brands, different styles, different clippy things – nadda.

Finally we discovered sheets that had this elastic corner deal going on, so they wrapped under the mattress and pulled tight.  These were very effective at staying on the bed.  So much so that we looked for other brands that did the same thing.  Happily over time lots of them have started doing something similar and now the sheets mostly stay on the bed.

Now if only I can stop ripping holes in them somehow overnight, or when I’m pulling too hard making the bed …

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Last night was particularly bad! Yes, I was up in the middle of the night at the side of the bed trying to fix the sheets so I could have some bottom sheet because you had somehow stolen all the bottom sheet again. I think we`ve mainly learned that really pricey sheets are the only option, because anything reasonably priced will be destroyed or won`t stay on the bed, LOL.

You also elbowed me in the head multiple times last night O.O


Yeah, it wasn’t even that hot last night, but I was being restless. Probably because I went to bed too early and was making myself sleep through the night.

Oh and btw – your head headed me in the elbow multiple times, not sure what that was about.