Review – Susenstone Telescopic Shot Glass

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Link to Product: Telescopic Shot Glass


Overall, a decent product.  For the price it’s hard to get better.  All four arrived in god shape, individually wrapped and boxed.  The size is actually slightly larger than I expected, a good sized shot glass (comfortably holds 2oz).

I wouldn’t recommend carrying around in your pocket or on a key chain.  They make quite a bit of noise, and rattle around at the smallest movement.

There is a bit of a trick to keeping them open. I pull quite forcefully with steady pressure and twist until it feels to lock securely in place.  Have had one close prematurely when put down by the base with a bit too much force.


The Story:

After ordering some new flasks I needed some travel cups to go with them.  Since I primarily sample scotch, a shot glass style would work quite well for me.  Not as good as a rocks glass, but maybe slightly cooler.

I spent some time searching for collapsible, and telescopic shot glasses.  I looked at regular “travel” shot glasses as well, but in addition to them seeming small, they also lacked some of the “cool” I associated with the telescopic models.

There weren’t a lot of options shipping to Canada, but I found these ones from Susenstone that are both inexpensive and effective.

I was really excited when they arrived, I opened them all immediately and then started to play with them.  Wax Open – Wax Closed.  I have this thing about having to keep my hands busy, so this fed my addiction in spades.  I think I spent a good hour or so opening and closing them in various ways, stacking them in patterns, seeing how much force it took to collapse them, and how smoothly they collapsed under various circumstances.


Afterward, I left black streaks all over the place, and realized they were absolutely filthy.  Some kind of grease or oil or something was all over them.  Glad I didn’t open them to take a drink immediately.  I closed them all back up and the next stop was the kitchen sink.

I don’t have any overall complains, to test the water tight aspect I’ve had one sitting here the whole time I’ve been writing this review full of water and there are no drops, leaks, or other indications that it’s not well put together.

Out of the four I ordered, one is slightly taller than the others, by about a quarter inch.  This isn’t in any way a problem, just a curiosity.  It seems to ride the lowest ring much higher than the others.

Also, the coverings that hold the keychain pieces are not all uniform.  Some are much looser than others.  One practically falls off, while another I can barely pry apart with my fingertips.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase.  There is no metallic taste when drinking from them, and they don’t taint the liquor at all.