Review – Ohto Rook Ballpoint Pen

Ordered from: Jet Pens

Link to Product: Ohto Rook Ballpoint



I fell in love with this pen.  It’s fantastic.

Exactly as pictured, well put together, sturdy, the right size, the right weight, and easy to use and write with.  The ink flows smoothly, and my hand is comfortable holding it.  I have had issues with extendable or collapsible pens in the past, but this one holds up, and for a guy with large hands, this fit’s nicely even with my thick fingers.


The Story:

It’s amazing how much time you can spend looking for the right pen.  Not long ago Katie talked about making some life changing decisions and deciding that we weren’t going to be keeping “stuff” around the house any longer – but only retaining things that brought joy to our lives.  Well with that in mind I had been looking to stock the house with some things that brought joy to me.


I started by getting some flasks, something I’ve always wanted.  Then decided I would like a pocket notebook to take down information from places we visit, and things we do so I could more accurately write about them here on our Blog when we get back to a computer and I’m not stuck relying on my faulty memory.   To go with the notebook, I needed a pen.  Not just any pen would do of course, this had to be a special pen.

I spent a long time researching the possibilities online.  I wanted something I could put in a pants pocket that wouldn’t jab me in awkward places (so painful) at random moments.  I also wanted something that I could hold comfortably and would be able to write with, without resorting to scrunching up and holding a wavering pen between two fingertips.


I originally thought I wanted an extendable pen, but as I looked through more options realized those just weren’t very long, and discovered what I wanted was a “post” pen.  Where the cap “posts” on the end to extend the overall length.  This allows a small pocked sized pen to almost double in length.

I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived either.  It converts from palm sized, to full sized with the removal and re-connection of the “cap”.  With the cap posted the pen is sturdy, and even my strong grip doesn’t bend, twist or otherwise maul it.  Its traveled with me ever since it arrived and have been grateful to have it many times over.