Review – Moleskin Classic Notebook (Pocket)

Ordered from: Moleskin

Link to Product: Classic Notebook (Pocket)


This notebook is great.  It’s a great design, functional, fashionable, and easy to use.  It’s a slight bit larger than I had imagined, just a touch wider than my iPhone 6S.  Which is nice in a way, because there is more room for me to record things.  I also appreciate the fabric attached bookmark to keep place.


The Story:

I end up doing a lot of travelling, so taking notes has become more of a “thing” for me.  I generally am not a pen and paper sort of guy, you can tell by how messy my IMG_4545writing is.  So in my search for a pocket notebook I came across the Moleskin site.

They had everything I was looking for, and tons of stuff I wasn’t looking for.  If you need a notebook, they probably have what you are looking for.  In my case I just wanted something simple that I could shove in my pocket and wouldn’t get destroyed like those spiral bound notepads.

After selecting my (boring) plain black, soft covered, ruled notebook – I put in the order and waited for it to arrive.  It didn’t take long, shipping was fast and I wasn’t left waiting long.

Unwrapping the book brought a smile to my face, it looked exactly like how it appeared online (except slightly larger than I expected as I mentioned).  I tried it out, played with the elastic holding it closed, and then discovered something on the back of the wrapping.  Who thinks to include a door hanger on their packaging?  I had a good laugh and put it to use.  Why not?

The book has been great, it travels well in a pocket and with my new pen (link me!) it’s a great addition to my time away from home.