Review – Fieldcrest Luxury Sheets

Fieldcrest sheets front


These sheets are fantastic.  Soft, smooth, and full of awesome.  They are very deep, so fit well around our mattress, and  the strong elastic around the corners helps keep them placed on our mattress – even with me doing my best to mess things up.

These sheets also seem to stay and keep cooler than others we have tried, which is a bonus for me.

The Story:


It’s been so long that I really can’t remember.  I think we picked these up at Target during the same shopping trip that we got the Performance Sheets.  We look regularly for sets that have the special ‘elastic’ edges to make sure they stay on our bed.  My fault of course, sheets tend to stick to me and when I roll around I turn in to a Bean Burrito.

Fieldcrest Sheets on bed

Out of the three sets we have, I think this one is my favorite, based on the way it stays cool, and how the sheets feel on my skin.  I also seem to stick to these ones least out of all our sets, which is another bonus.

Fieldcrest sheets back

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