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The restaurant is nice, it has a decent view, is reasonably well appointed, but is also kind of small and slightly crowded.  Servers were friendly and personable, did a decent job.  Service was almost painfully slow though, even getting a refill on a drink took quite a while.  This might be partly due to how the room is designed because sight lines aren’t that straight forward.

The food was OK, not fantastic, and quite expensive for what was provided.  Certainly not awful, but worth waiting for?  Not particularly.

They do have a fantastic drink menu, which is moderately priced – and carry quite a select of straight up liquors.  I was very impressed with the scotch selection.


The Story:

I got in to the hotel a bit late and was just anxious to sit down and have some food before retiring to my room to collapse.  It didn’t quite work out that way, I was in town for a business meeting and ran in to a large group of colleagues who asked me to join them.

It was nice in some ways to sit down and visit, but it did make the meal stretch out.  Having to get everyone’s order, and cook everything together seemed to be a challenge for the kitchen.  Things came out in spurts anyway – though that could have been partly a problem of how far the food had to travel?  The servers seemed to be gone a lot of the time.


I ended up ordering almost the most expensive thing on the menu since I didn’t want a sandwich or burger and their entree selection was skewed toward fish and alternatives.  The steak was mostly good, I’ve had better rib-eyes, but this was about average for most places.  It was tender and buttery in some places, but the tough grizzle made it difficult to eat.

Everyone else seemed to have the same lackluster impression of their dinners.  Deserts went over like a wet blanket, which was surprising in a group dominated by women (I was the only guy).

Visit #2:

I came back the next day for drinks, and was really impressed.  I’m not a big cocktail drinker, but they have a great selection.  Each of my friends found something to suit their tastes.  I asked the server what they had for scotch, and she stammered a bit and said she would have to go check.  I chuckled with my friends a bit about being new, thinking that there could only possibly be 4 or 5 top shelf varieties.

About 5 minutes later a gentleman in a suit came out and inquired if I was looking for the scotches, which I confirmed.  “Single malt?” he asked, I tried not to look haughty as I nodded.  I’m not snobby about my scotch, but this made me smile.

He went on to list an extensive variety, which I can’t recreate since he did so quite rapidly, they have varieties of AuchentoshanBowmore, Lagavulin, Balvenie, Glenlivet and Glenmorangie and Macallen – and not just the basics either, he listed various years and lines in addition to the names.  My mind caught on the Macallen Ruby which I had been wanting to try but knew was quite expensive and I couldn’t find locally.  To give him credit he didn’t even blink or ask me if I was sure and knew what I was getting in to.  I guess they’re used to people knowing their scotch there if they ask for it.

I tried to object when my friend offered to pay, I wouldn’t have ordered something pricey if I knew that was in the offering – but she insisted, so thank you Jane!  That was well worth the $25 for the glass.