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La Pine Inn

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This was a good place to stop for a late breakfast.  It has your average menu, yummy family fare, and had a great breakfast selection.  The portions were large by any standards, and we left overfilled as usual.

The staff was friendly and attentive, the restaurant clean and not modern by any standards, but comfortable and the decor was not off putting.


The Story:

I’m unfortunately quite late to writing this one down, so there isn’t much of a story to be had.

We had missed breakfast at the hotel, after a long day travelling and sleeping in (of course), which led us to stopping a bit earlier than usual for a late breakfast.  I had no idea what town we were even in, or what state (Oregon btw), but we drove through a bunch of small towns one after the other and eventually settled down at the La Pine Inn.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick a place to eat in a small town when you’re just driving by, we usually gauge a place’s draw by how many locals we see in the parking lot, this was no exception.  If a local eats there, you know the food can’t be completely awful.


I went with some kind of carnivorous feast (as usual), and Katie opted for some sort of Mexican omelette.

We were both pleasantly surprised by the portions when they arrived, and I wasn’t the only one having trouble finding the bottom of my plate before it was time to get back on the road again.