Hotels – Matrix (Edmonton)

Matrix Hotel

First Impressions:

The doors are really cool.  Love the stainless and the numbers.  Hotel has a beautiful  interior.

Wow this room is much bigger than I thought it would be.

Wait, there are two beds in here, I’m supposed to be staying by myself.

These beds look really really small.  They can’t possibly be queens.

Nope, these are twins or something, what the heck kind of room did they put me in?

This guy was right outside the front door when I left to walk around the first evening

5-minute later impressions:

Well it took longer than 5 minutes to go all the way back down to the lobby.  Get them to put me in a room with a King bed and go back up to the room.  By which time I really didn’t care anymore and had to pee.

I only got a smile and half laugh when I asked if they though I would fit in those beds and why they would have booked me in there.  It’s hard to recover from these kind of first impressions.


Must Haves:

k5562158[1]Air Conditioning:  General high rise in Edmonton A/C. Small, ineffective, and barely enough to keep the room at a moderate temperature.  I set it to 16, I doubt it got below 21 during the two days I stayed.  During the day it was brutal, it only cooled off tolerantly at night when the ambient temperature dropped.

Water Pressure:  God enough to shower, not good enough to shower quickly or comfortably.

Bed Quality:  Quite comfortable, I often wake up with my back hurting especially after the first night, but I slept pretty well.  If the temperature had dropped I would have had a great night sleep.

Bathroom Coziness:  Well laid out and appointed.  Not too crowded, comfortable to use the washroom and take care of business.

Wifi:  Good enough to stream video, catch up on my forums and do some work while I was there.  Didn’t have a problem even using multiple devices at the same time.

Parking: Free, but awkward.  You have to know where you’re going, and make sure to register at the desk with your plate so you don’t get a ticket.  Also make sure you are in the right area of the parking lot for the hotel, there are two or three different lots back there and they aren’t all connected.


Luxury Needs:


Refrigerator:  Stocked with an honor bar. Digital readout to control the internal temperature on the front.  Which was nice until I tried to sleep and discovered a blazing blue sun on one side of the room.  Fixed by laying a hand towel over the edge of the counter to cover the readout.

Toiletries:  Full sized pumps in a stainless steel holder in the shower.  Pumps easily unscrewed to provide access to the contents.  Which means I wouldn’t trust someone not to have peed in them, or worse.  Didn’t use.

Desk coziness:  Excellent. Chair comfortable, desk spacious, lots of power where I IMG_4576needed it.  Good lighting, and right next to the window for a nice view.

Breakfast:  Buffet style in the “Cafe/Restaurant”. Super crowded basically all morning.
Decent food, nothing spectacular, some hot, some cold.  Lots of coffee, lack of juice.  Nice fresh loaves of bread that you have to cut yourself.

Lighting:  One wall was all windows, so light wasn’t an issue.  The lamps around the room provided more than adequate illumination as it got dark.

Ice:  Available on 3 of the 14 floors.  Quite a pain when there are only and such a busy hotel.  Took be almost ten minutes to get to the right floor, fill the bucket and return.  No stairs that I could see, only for emergency exits.

TV:  Good size, easy for me to connect my equipment and use how I wanted.

Overall Stay:

Overall I like the Matrix.  It’s a nice hotel on the surface, has been modernly appointed, and everything is basically nice.  My experience checking in was problematic, but the staff was mostly friendly.  I got smiles and greetings whenever i passed them.

The room was pleasant, bed comfortable, and everything clean without needing me to ask for anything extra. My only complaint was the low powered Air conditioning, which just couldn’t keep up with even Spring heat in Northern Alberta.


The restaurant was crowded for breakfast, but mostly quiet outside of their wine and cheese time of the evening.  It was semi-comfortable, has a reasonable selection of food that isn’t absolutely ridiculously priced.

Unfortunately A/C is one of my must haves for a comfortable stay, so I won’t be choosing the Matrix a second time.

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I’d never even considered that someone might pee in the shampoo, etc … I don’t think I’ll ever get that mental image out of my head now. Thanks.. I think?