Hotels – La Quinta Inn & Suites (Spokane North)

La Quinta Inns and Suites

First Impressions:

Wow this lobby looks really cool.  Nice fireplace, very welcoming – but I’m so exhausted that all I want to do is go to bed.IMG_4477

Room is huge, good the bed is right here – time to collapse on it.

This is an interesting layout for a hotel room, with the desk in the center.  I’m not sure what we would do in here with two TV’s, watching them both at the same time wouldn’t work.

Nice to have the sink out of the bathroom so we aren’t always in each other’s way.

5-minute later impressions:

Let’s eat here in the nice living area and watch some TV then fall apart in bed.  Bed is nice and comfortable, couch is comfortable – I think I just needed to feel something on my bum other than car seat.

Why does everyone have to bolt and glue these TVs to the dressers now, makes it so difficult to connect things to them.  I want to watch a movie damnit, and not have to pay for it, I brought it with me.  One day hotels will probably let us stream content from our devices, but not today …


Must Haves:

k5562158[1]Air Conditioning:  Powerful, cooled the room, let me sleep – I was happy.

Water Pressure:  Adequate, not stellar, but I was able to shower with minimal fuss.  I’ve had much worse, this was actually topping “OKish”.

Bed Quality:  Soft and squishy in the right parts, and not so soft also in the right parts.  It was actually one of the more comfortable beds I’ve tried.  The pillows left something to be desired though.

Bathroom Coziness:  Small, but not an issue with the sink in the main room.  Everything in appropriate places, nothing in the way.  Nothing to really hold on to to stand up though, which can cause me problems with my back acting up.  Though this toilet IMG_4480wasn’t so low that I needed a hand to get up.

Wifi:  Didn’t test very thoroughly.  Adequate for basic needs.  Can’t speak much
beyond that.

Parking: Standard attached parking lot.  Lots of space, no trouble finding somewhere even arriving quite late.


Luxury Needs:


Refrigerator:  Included, and Microwave.  Didn’t use either.

Toiletries:  Avaliable, but didn’t use.

Desk coziness:  The awkward positioning actually worked overall.  It might have been weird if someone was in the living room and I had my back to them and whatnot, but that’s nothing you can’t fix.  It was actually handy having the table there for other sorts of things.

Breakfast:  Included but we skipped it.

Lighting:  Lots of lights in good locations.  Room didn’t feel dim or cavelike – easy to find and access switches, easy to use stand lamps.

Ice:  Down the hallway within easy access.  We stayed on the ground floor, I’m not sure what the situation was like on other floors.

TV:  Two TVs – talk about luxury.  Both nicely sized, though difficult to connect equipment to with the lack of plugs and rear access.


Overall Stay:

We had a great stay, starting in the lobby with the nice welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, friendly helpful staff, and a quiet entry.  I liked the finishing the lobby, everything looked relatively new, modern and the kind of style I like when I’m travelling.

Breakfast room nicely appointed as well, open and accessible.  If we were staying long IMG_4482term I could see spending time out of the room and in the common areas just to enjoy the space.

The room was great, much larger than expected, everything we needed and one of the more comfortable places we have stayed.  No complaints at all, everything worked how we expected and led to a pleasant overall stay.  We will likely be back during our next trip in this direction.