Hotels – Jasper Park Lodge

Jasper Park Lodge

First Impressions:


IMG_4536We really are out in the middle of nowhere.  You mean I have to walk all the way over there?  well I suppose it’s interesting having my own cabin kind of area.  Man this tiny map makes things look much closer together than they really are.

Wow I’m staying in there?  That’s amazing.  This place is beautiful.  I love the feeling of being out in the wilderness, but still having access to all the things that make life comfortable.

Very spacious, love the decor.  I don’t want to mess everything up and put my stuff down.


5-minute later impressions:


This bed is quite comfortable.  The view is still amazing – having a front and back door is kind of new.  Why is there a window in the shower?  I still find that quite odd.

Nice amenities – no A/C though, and it’s stifling in here.  Ceiling fan isn’t really doing much.  Nice to have high ceiling though – I need to open all my doors and windows and hope for a breeze.  I suppose this is why there is a front and back door.

No desk, but this table works out fairly well, the chairs are comfortable enough for long term sitting and there is plenty of room.


Must Haves:

k5562158[1]Air Conditioning:  Nada, and it gets hot.  Having the doors and windows open when you’re in the room helps it cool off before bed, but it warms up pretty quick.

Water Pressure:  Below average, takes longer to shower than usual.  Difficult to direct spray to appropriate locations.

Bed Quality:  Reasonably comfortable, not the best bed I’ve had, but good enough that I usually sleep fairly well.  The pillows aren’t my favourite.

Bathroom Coziness:  Slightly cramped.  Difficult to manuever at my size.  The toilet is very low, which makes me feel like I’m sitting on the floor.  I know that’s mostly due to my height, but it’s quite awkward.

Wifi:  Not “free” but if you sign up for their rewards program, it is complimentary.  It’s pretty awful, at least in the areas I have stayed.  Basic surfing only, even YouTube videos are challenging to watch.

Parking: Minimal.  I have always arrived by bus so have never had to find parking, but any I see is always full.

Luxury Needs:


Refrigerator:  Included, though small.

Toiletries:  Good quality, Katie particularly likes them.

Desk coziness:  No desk, though there is a table which can double as one.  The chair is mostly comfortable, and I was able to find somewhere to plug in my laptop.

Breakfast:  Not included.

Lighting:  So many windows that the lights really didn’t matter, kept everything open until it was time to sleep, so it stayed quite bright.

Ice:  Delivered to the room on request.

TV:  Decent size, easily accessible, in a good location.  Lack of additional nearby power though, so hooking anything up to it is challenging.


Overall Stay:


I’ve had the privilege of staying at the Jasper Park Lodge multiple times for business.  It continues to be one of my favourite places to stay – despite the fact that there is no A/C and I find it difficult to be in the room for any length of time.

There is no better place for scenic views, walking trails, feeling at one with nature, and at the same time having every convenience at your fingertips.  The staff are always more than friendly and make the experience one of pleasure from start to finish.

Rarely have I spent time at the Lodge and not been smiling, or amazed by something new I’ve seen, or something new I’ve experienced.  It is somewhere I wish I could spend more time – because I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed.