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I love going to the Cineplex at CrossIron Mills with the XScape Entertainment.  We don’t have any video game places locally, and that’s one of my favourite ways to spend a bunch of time and a bunch of money.  They have great games at this one, and they change out fairly regularly.

Now, be wary because you don’t get tokens or cash, you get a card.  Which is both totally awesome, and your downfall.  Because you have no idea how much money you’re spending when you’re just swiping a card.  It tells you, but who reads that thing down by your knees anyway?  OMG look out shoot that zombie quick!

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There are lots of games where you can earn ‘tickets’ too, which you can redeem for prizes at their small prize counter thingy.  I’ve never earned enough tickets to get anything, but some of the stuff looks cool, and other stuff is totally ridiculous like 60,000 points for a PS4, you can probably buy 10 PS4’s for what it would cost in games to earn that many tickets.

The last time we went, there was this zombie game, in a booth like thingy with curtains and everything.  We got in and started it up and one of the first things it did was blow air down our packs which freaked both of us out.  It also measures your heartrate, and shows that on the screen, so when it scares you, it’s actually laughing at you.  At the end of each level you get a rating based on how scared they made you.  The air blasts you in the face in addition to down your back.  Overall it’s probably one of the most frightening experiences I’ve ever been through and I was happy to have died so we could get out of there.

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Once you’re done at the games, there is a full Theatre on the other side.  i usually plan for fun -> food -> show, so we have lots of time and aren’t rushing around.  The Crossiron Theatre has an AVX suite, which is my preference – cause you can book your seats, they recline and are super comfortable.

Cineplex Crossiron Mills 3

We always have a great experience when we go.  Cineplex is a great chain of theatres, they always have something playing we’d like to see, and while I wish they were cheaper (shouldn’t everything be cheaper?) – it’s worth it for the experience.  Having a SCENE card helps, storing up those free movies for a rainy day.

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I really liked that Zombie game and wanted to keep playing LOL. I think it was because it showed that I “panicked” less than you on that bonus screen. Horror movie experience for the win! i`m used to zombies leaping out at me.

I thought the air blowing on my neck was freaky though. Gave me chills every time and I never could anticipate it.


Yes I know you were actually having a good time – but my experience in avoiding horror movies was not as applicable as your experience watching them. I’m not sure if that was a fair comparison though, because I know my heart rate goes up when I’m trying to kill things too.

The air was too freaky, I like air conditioning but not when it’s variable like that.