Hotels – Pomery Inn & Suits (Vermillion)

Pomeroy Inn & Suites

First Impressions:

This place is huge, a whole suite just for me.

Living room, with a fireplace, that will definitely be staying off – the fireplace not the TV.

Everything looks awesome, my bedroom has a view of, well nothing in particular, but I like that it is in it’s own room, and another TV in here.  Now I have to make decisions about where I’m going to plug in my computer.

Ok Bathroom – where are the lights, need to go … lights?  No, where is the toilet, there is no toilet, oh … whew

Pomeroy Front

5-minute later impressions:

The Wifi is painfully slow, I need to load my blog and things to start writing stuff before I forget it!  The desk chair is quite nice, comfortable, portable, and wow are there a lot of power plugs over here.  Normally I have to search for them, but this place has them in spades.

22.5 degrees?  Yeah we’ll be turning that down as far as possible.  I hope the AC unit can keep up.  At worst the AC is in my “bedroom” so I can close it off to cool the smaller space and leave the rest to fend for itself.

The bathroom is actually kind of cool, the tub is along one wall, and the sink, and the toilet is in it’s own room, just sans door.  It looks like it used to have a door, but it was removed.  Which makes sense because standing in there I can’t figure out how you would shut the door.

Pomeroy lobby

Must Haves:

k5562158[1]Air Conditioning:  Decent, but not powerful enough for the whole apartment-like area.  Closing off the bedroom did keep it cool enough for me.  I might have even opened the door part way through the night to let the cool air out.

Water Pressure:  Adequate, but nothing spectacular.  Took a while to shower, always happy I have short hair for places like this.

Bed Quality:  Hard, mostly uncomfortable, left me tired and sore the following day.

Bathroom Coziness:  Oddly laid out with the toiled in a ‘room’ on it’s own without a door.  Though I was happy not to have the door since it would have been really crowded.

Wifi:  OMG the worst ever.  I have never been ‘blocked’ before due to content filtering at a hotel.  I couldn’t watch anything, not netflix, youtube, nothing.  Do RDP access, so I couldn’t work, and my computer freaked out because it kept cutting off my DirectAccess settings so I couldn’t use it at all.


Why it thought Pokemon Go Team Colors was ‘Adult Content’ I have no idea.

Parking: Free, plentiful, easy to access.  Excellent.

Luxury Needs:


Refrigerator:  Full size, with ice trays so I didn’t necessarily have to walk to the ice machine.  I did anyway, ice takes a long time to freeze.

Toiletries:  Nice, not too smelly, worked well with my hair.

Desk coziness:  The desk was quite nice and well positioned.  Unfortunately I didn’t sit at it much because I couldn’t do anything on my computer.

Breakfast:  Quite nice, a mix of warm and cold stuff.  Good selection, nice tray of pastries.  The room was also quite nice to sit and hang out – it was quiet when I went down at around 8am, which was a nice change – though I think the hotel might have just not been too busy mid-week like that.

Lighting:  Lots of lights everywhere, no complaints.

Ice:  Conveniently located to me, though I’m not sure if they had ice on every floor or not.  As long as it was close to me I usually don’t care.

TV:  Awkward to access since they were wall mounted, didn’t have a low profile cord to plug in to the TV so mine got a little bent.  Which was really a waste because I couldn’t watch anything anyway and ended up just shutting it off and listening to my audiobook.

Pomeroy breakfast room

Overall Stay:

pomeroy room 4

NOTE: At the time of writing this review, Google doesn’t know where this street is, so typing in the address will bring up the  wrong location.  Searching for the hotel name, or clicking my Google Maps link will bring you to the right place.

This is a nice hotel,  The staff was pleasant, decor was pleasant.  Stay was obviously mostly pleasant.  While there are some minor details I had issues with, my main problem was the Wifi and the bed.

I couldn’t stay here again, since I can’t do anything on a computer, can’t work, can’t surf the web, can’t watch TV – nadda.  Bed also made me quite uncomfortable, barely got any sleep and was exhausted the next day.

I was actually tempted to check out and stay somewhere else for my second night – but since it had been paid for in advance, didn’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to get a refund.  Made the best of it and was more than happy to get back home.

Pomeroy Room 1

Pomeroy room 3