#RootSavedMe and it might save you, too!

IMG_9384Product Website: Loreal Paris

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Do you dye your hair?  I do, and it’s been many colours over the years.  Right now it’s jet black, which means my auburnish roots show through really quickly when it’s been even just a week or two since my last colouring.

I found something really awesome through Influenster though.  (Are you an Influenster member?  You should be.  Sign up and you may be selected to try new products, too!  It’s free and super easy!)

My latest VoxBox contained a precious little bottle of Root Coverup by Loreal.  IMG_9390I was pretty uncertain at first.  I mean, beyond the interesting product, I’m always suspicious of hair stuff.  I have fine, finicky hair that can turn into a greasy mess or frizzy fuzzball at the slightest provocation.  Some dry shampoos make me look dandruffy.  Some mousses and gels make my hair stiff and totally lank.  So I went into this slightly unsure, but was very, very pleasantly surprised.

Root Cover Up comes in a small spray bottle.  It’s super easy to use, just hold it relatively close to the root area you want to cover and spritz in small bursts.  I would suggest that if you are doing “front” roots rather than along a part, that you hold a piece of scrap paper along your hairline so you don’t get overspray onto your forehead.

My before and after!

The results are fast, and very very clean and clear.  I loved it!  My only issue – and the reason I dropped half a star from my review – is that if you play with your hair often, you may end up with it all over your fingertips.  Keep your hands away from your roots, people!  Otherwise, it stayed in well for me and even kept my roots slightly darker after a shampoo.

So if you dye your hair, like me, you might want to take a look at Root CoverUp for those unexpected nights out.  It might just save you, too!