Restaurants – The Pub BBQ (San Francisco)


The Pub BBQ @ Ghirardelli Square

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This was a really cool pub.  We arrived a bit early for the restaurant side to be open, but there was enough seating for us to get served.  I also got a good view of the bay, and the really cool bar they had.  I’m a sucker for bars of all kinds, so it was a special treat for me.

Our server was fantastic, helpful with suggestions, attentive, polite and made the whole experience that much better.  The food was so good, that we didn’t want to stop eating it, both of us ate far too much and were relatively sick for the next few hours, but it was totally worth it.IMG_4256

I enjoyed the stories about how everything is prepared in house etc.  This is somewhere you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of BBQ, and meat in general.

The Story:

Katie had done a bunch of research and decided that we would eat at The Pub while we were visiting Ghirardelli Square.  She’d found that it did all it’s own BBQ, had it’s own spice rubs, etc.  So a unique experience we wouldn’t be able to find somewhere else.

It took us a while to find the place, because it isn’t actually in the square, the entrance is on the street facing the water.  So you have to go down the elevator (or stay on street level) and walk down the street until you find it.  It’s a small storefront, so could be easy to miss if you weren’t looking.

We had decided on a lunch/dinner kind of meal, so were a bit early.  The restaurant wasn’t open, it sounded like they only have it open at specific meal times, or potentially only in the evening.  We were shown to a fairly comfortable booth, that was one of those high chair style things that Katie isn’t too fond of, but we managed OK.

The menu was great, lots of unique things to pick from.  I went with the platter of meat (of course).  That isn’t what it was called, but essentially what it was.  A bunch of different styles of BBQ and sides.  It came on a huge plate, and was amazing.


The waiter gave us great recommendations, and Katie ended up following his advice and getting the fried (half?) chicken.  Which also looked amazing.  I had a few bites, and it tasted better than it looked.


We both ordered cocktails, since we were at a bar (why not).  They messed up my old fashioned, but it was still decent.

We also got some kind of appetizer – some kind of pretzel bites with cheese sauce (again on our waiter’s recommendation).  In retrospect, this is probably what pushed my “full” gauge over the edge, but again – it was worth it.

IMG_4257This would be a regular stop for us, if we lived somewhere local.  Unfortunately since we were just visiting we will have to live with only the memories.