Restaurants – Red Rooster (Klamath Falls)


Red Rooster

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This was a nice place to stop for dinner.  It was convenient to our hotel, quiet and comfortable.  Our server was very friendly, and attentive. She shared some of her personal story and we chatted about our travels – of which she seemed genuinely interested.

The food was good, not totally amazing, but well put together and tasty. They had a salad bar available that came with dinner.  Salad isn’t my thing, but even in a salad bar I can usually make something tasty.  Not so much here, they didn’t have a large variety of toppings, most of what they hadn’t wasn’t to my taste.  The salad was the same thing I can buy in bags at the super market, and the small selection of dressings were a last disappointment for me.

My wife had better luck, but she’s more open to salad fixings than I am – and even she complained about the selection.

The Story:

Klamath Falls was our first stop out of San Francisco on the way back home, and we were both just so tired of being out, and eating out, that we didn’t want to make any extra effort.  This place was right by the hotel, so we unanimously agreed to eat there for dinner.


It was a nice looking place inside.  Empty, but we had come a bit late for dinner.  Average family restaurant style, mostly what I would expect.  Quite a large buffet, but it was empty other than the salad bar while we were there, so not sure what it’s used for.

Our server was great.  She was polite, attentive and interested both in us and our travels.  She told us some stories about herself, and I think the highlight of my dinner was the discussion with her. As much as I don’t like people, it was a pleasant sort of experience.

The food was good, the menu wasn’t too expansive, but they did offer some of my favourites.  Including a 10oz NY strip.  I’m always leery about ordering a steak in the US, they normally aren’t the same cuts of meat I’m used to, are cooked badly, or a combination of both.


In this case, they cooked my steak pretty well, I was glad I took the risk and ordered one.  It was definitely not the size listed on the menu though.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but I’d guess it was a 6oz, and cut for a steak sandwich rather than for a main course.  Quite thin, and hard to cook to temperature.

We both got a single trip to the salad bar included with the meal.  It wasn’t extensive, or even average.  The selection was small, the greens were what we eat at home from a plastic bag we bought at the market, and the dressings were nothing to write home about.

I went home full though, and while I wouldn’t rave about the place, it wasn’t bad either – so a solid average all around type of experience.  Good enough when you’re just wanting to eat, then go back to your room and pass out.