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This place was fantastic.  The service was excellent, view was AMAZING, like you can’t beat it amazing. The menu was interesting and unique.  The food was excellent.  I would love to be eat here on a regular basis.

I’m slightly biased because I don’t get out to the ocean much, and I was enchanted the whole time watching the waves come in – but hey there’s nothing wrong with being a little biased, is there?

The Story:IMG_4457

We had decided to take a drive down from San Francisco along Highway 1.  Katie had
always wanted to drive down along the coast, and I’m a sucker for the ocean so I readily agreed.

She was telling me the story about some film that was shot on a famous beach down around this area – I’m sure she’ll comment and fill that part in – just as we were coming over the hill and I saw this place up ahead.  I don’t remember if this was the famous beach or not, but it sounded cool “Rockaway Beach” and it looked like there IMG_4455would be somewhere to eat.

We ended up driving all the way down to the beach, and just to one side we found
Nick’s and a huge parking lot looking out at the ocean.  It was perfect.  We pulled in, and Katie posed for some pictures.  I almost took a nose dive down on to the big rocks and died (cause I’m clumsy like that, and kind of top heavy), but it all worked out, and then we went inside to eat.

The restaurant was interesting, I dunno if you can call it retro since I think it was originally decorated that way and not renovated, but I found it charming.  The menu was interesting, they had some unique dishes, with a seafood twist of course being on the coast, and some fan favourites that you can’t go wrong with either.

i was charmed that my drink came with a cherry, it’s the little things that always get you.  When a place takes the time to add finishing touches like that, it makes you think they really care about what they’re doing.


I got some kind of steak sandwhich, which was fantastic.  The friest were home cut and also excellent.  Katie got a seafood melt sort of thing that was so full of seafood that she couldn’t keep it between the bread.


The service was excellent.  Our waitress was very attentive, and we didn’t even have to ask for refills before they showed up for us. The place was moderately busy on a random mid morning, and after trying the food we could see why it was popular.

The windows looking out at the ocean were probably the best part, when I think about our meal there I mostly remember gazing out at the waves.

They also had a bar area with a raised stage, so probably live music and such in the evenings, something to check out if you’re local.