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The wait staff didn’t care about us, or they just did a good job of ignoring us.  We were seated quite close to the wait station, and none of the staff ever looked at our table.  I had to flag someone down finally to get a drink refill.

The food was below average, warm was about the best thing I could say about it.  We got the pizza, thinking “hey pizza place” but I wouldn’t recommend it anyone.

It was loud, uncomfortable, and the bathrooms were so bad my wife refused to go after seeing them and we had to go elsewhere.

The Story:

This was a fairly unpleasant experience from start to finish.  We had to wait in line for quite a while, and the place was packed.  Which gave us some hope that it was a popular and good place to eat.  We were wrong on both counts.  it was probably stocked with people just like us, that had looked at all the other restaurants that had a 30 minute wait and decided to try somewhere else.


We weren’t starving, but it was raining and we wanted to sit down. I was looking forward to cool drinks and caffeine after spending the day walking around on Pier 39.  I think Katie was looking forward to something similar.

The menu wasn’t elaborate or inventive.  I was hoping for a cool appetizer or something, but nothing really grabbed me. I decided to get us a small pizza to share, since we were in a pizzeria – I like to sample the different crusts and such, I’m a big pizza fan.

The service was pretty bad, we had to wait a long time both to get drinks, get our order taken, and get any kind of recognition.  We were only about 6 feet from the wait station, and there were 6 or 7 different staff coming and going.  None of them met my eyes, none of them looked at our table. I understand they all had their own sections, but being ignored like that with so many people moving around is kind of eerie.

There was a point where I was about to stand up and get us refills from the fountain drink thing that I could see from where I was sitting.  Not wanting to get thrown out I managed to resist the urge and eventually we did get someone’s attention to get us refills.

The pizza was lackluster, warm but not tasty. The cheese was odd, not what I was used to, and the crust nothing special.  I could probably have done better at home.  It was server on a cool plate with bumpy things in it though, so that was a plus.

I was shocked to get the bill, way overpriced, even from what I was used to in the immediate area.  Not sure how they manage with bad food, service, and overpriced menu items but business was going well so maybe my experience was unique?  Or just having a bad day – hard to tell.

Anyway – don’t eat here, wait for somewhere that will give you a better experience.