Book Review – The Heir

The Heir (The Selection, #4)The Heir by Kiera Cass
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

“You can be brave and still be feminine. You can lead and still love flowers. Most importantly, you can be queen and still be a bride.”



Maxon and America had their happy ending in the third of the books in this series. Then they had a daughter (and a son and a son and a son, by the way) who is absolutely horrible. I don’t know what they did to this girl while she was growing up, but she is spoiled rotten, self-absorbed, snotty, rude, and all-around not a nice person.

But she’s also coming of age, and things are getting pretty dicey for King Maxon. After abolishing the castes, not everyone is happy to be in what is supposed to be an egalitarian society. In order to keep the masses distracted and (maybe) make his daughter somewhat more relatable and less icky-seeming to everyone in the kingdom, before they riot and overtake the world. (Not kidding here, situations are dire. Tomatoes are thrown.)



It’s hard to take this book too seriously. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s essentially The Bachelorette with pretty dresses, just like the first three books in the series were The Bachelor I did have some trouble understanding why Eadlyn – the daughter – was such a brat. There’s some character development there, at least, but I think the original position where she started was just a bit too exaggerated for my comfort.

There are some fun antics amongst the boys vying for Eadlyn’s hand, and some fisticuffs a’la The Bachelorette.



“Are you all right? I know last night was kind of scary.”
“I just didn’t expect it. It was asparagus. . . . He literally punched someone over a vegetable.”
Kile laughed. “See, this is why you stick with butter.”
“Oh, you and your stupid butter.”


So it’s cute and funny, and has a cliffhanger of an ending, because how else will they convince everyone to buy book five in the series otherwise?

Yeah, I’ll totally be reading book five, you got me. But I’ll be getting it from the library.

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