Book Review – Find Me

Find MeFind Me by Laura van den Berg
My rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

“You look hard at all the wrongness in this new face, you look hard at the ways that wrongness has shaped it, and you have to decide if this new face is something you can live with.”


This book… I just… I just don’t know.

I quit it twice before I quit it for good, just a few scant pages from the end because I just couldn’t take it any more.

Find Me follows Joy, a young woman who was raised in foster care, but who is now living in a strange hospital in a post-plague world where she may (or may not) be immune to a virus that is wreaking havoc on the population. Her mother may or may not have been a marine scientist of some kind that Joy stalks on the internet. She may or may not be in love with her male roommate in the hospital, which she eventually escapes from through some very weird maneuvering with the head doctor.

By the way, the hospital may or may not be a real hospital. You’re never really sure what’s going on in this book which started to really, really irritate me after a while. I was starting to think there was going to be an “It was all a dream!” trope somewhere in this because it was all just so improbable.

I didn’t like Joy at all. I didn’t find her compelling or interesting or find myself caring in any way whatsoever what happened to her, which probably led to some of my boredom with this book. I didn’t care about any of the characters to be honest. I didn’t even know if half of them were real, or inside Joy’s head, or if she was inside the head of the therapist at the hospital.

This book messed with me a bit.

It should have pushed my buttons, and the first 50 pages were eerily similar in the stark writing style of one of my favourite books of all time, The Unit. But it fell apart there, and lost my interest, because if I didn’t give a damn about the person being put in the terrible, stark circumstances, it wasn’t going to work for me.

Can’t recommend this to anyone in good conscience.

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