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strathmorepalaceLocation: 113 Third Ave, Strathmore AB


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We have always ordered our Chinese food from one place in Strathmore – More Than Ice Cream.  Funny name, but tasty food nonetheless… until they came under new management.  Twice post the new management we’ve tried their food and been terribly disappointed, so we decided to branch out a bit.  We ate in at Strathmore Palace once, about a year ago, and had a good experience, so decided to try out their delivery.

Hung up from placing order for delivery: 6:11 p.m.

Delivery arrival at door: 7:22 p.m.


Delivery took quite a while, though we did order on a Friday night, so I’m guessing they were busy.

The driver phoned us because the order taker had written down our condo unit number wrong, but the food was still hot on arrival.  Interestingly, they wrap their styrofoam containers in plastic wrap before loading them into plastic bags, which really keeps the heat inside.

The delivery driver was friendly and personable.  Bonus!  They take debit cards for delivery!



What we ordered:

IMG_9319Appetizer: Deep Fried Wontons

These were small, and much harder (deep fried longer?) than we were used to, with much less filling than we were used to.  The accompanying sweet and sour sauce was runny and very thin.  We were not fond of these when hot, but interestingly they were better cold and left over (usually the opposite is true of these!).

Verdict: Would not order again.  While they were okay left over, I expect my appetizer to be good when I have it the first time!


IMG_9314Appetizer: Large Wonton Soup

This was a very large portion with plenty for both of us to share.

I found this delicious and full of flavor.  I loved that it wasn’t just broth and wontons, but was full of fresh, non-soggy veggies.  These wontons, unlike the deep fried ones, were stuffed with fantastic amounts of delicious filling.

Verdict:  Would definitely order again!  Tasty, hot and great value for the price.


IMG_9315Entree: Palace Chicken

We had this when we ate-in at the restaurant and had fantastic memories of it, so tried this again for delivery and were not disappointed.

The sauce is spicy and sweet, the chicken is tender with a light breading, and the yellow peppers, onions, water chestnuts, celery and bok choy add a lot to the dish.

Verdict:  WILL be ordering this again, for sure!  Delicious!



Entree:  Ginger Beef

This was very good as well.  I’m used to MTIC (mentioned above) and their hard, jerky-textured ginger beef, so the tenderness and juiciness of the meat here was a revelation!

The sauce had a stronger soy flavour than ginger flavour to me, and was a little less spicy than I’d like, but was still tasty.

Verdict:  Not as amazing as the chicken, but will likely order this again.


IMG_9320Side: Kao Pad Thai (Chicken)

This was tasty, but a little bland.  The bonus to that was that it went very well with both entrees when dumping said items on top of the rice!

There wasn’t a ton of chicken or vegetables in this, but the rice itself was well-cooked and not sticky or clumpy, and re-heated beautifully for leftovers.

Verdict:  Not amazing or anything, but will probably order again.



IMG_9321Side: Cantonese Noodles

My husband is the noodle connoisseur in our house, and he really, really enjoyed these.

The big difference in these is that you could tell that the noodles were actually stir-fried with the sauce, meat and veggies, rather than the latter items just being dumped onto a pile of noodles in the container.

Verdict:  Will definitely order again.



Overall Impressions:

We really enjoyed the food, but will plan further ahead when ordering delivery.  We were starving by the time it arrived.

One of the more impressive things about this place, as you can see above, is that the portions are enormous.  For about $65, we had Friday night dinner, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner for both of us.  Not bad!

We were rewarded for stepping outside of our usual box for Chinese take-out and may have a new favourite spot!


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We only ever ordered from Oriental Grill. Their food is delicious! But not actually Chinese, I guess. Vietnamese and Japanese, I believe. Good job trying something new and blogging about it!