Fifty Bits of Happiness

happiness-1Yes, it’s another “list” writing exercise from The Right to Write by Julia Cameron.  This time I’m on page 129, working on my list of fifty things, big and small, that make me happy!

Honestly? I think there are more than fifty, because this one wasn’t hard at all.  Maybe I’m just more in practice for this sort of thing because of working on awareness for my gratitude practice.  It’s easy to pick out the little things now – easier than it was once, anyway – that make life so beautiful


Happiness is not only a mood.  It is a decision.  Writing our list of fifty happinesses causes us to see how simple some forms of joy are, how we can make ourselves happy in simple ways – read the Neruda poems, eat the ice cream, take time to check out the sunsets.  Happiness lists are also an effective deterrent for situational depression.  When the blues set in, the simple act of listing joys can help elicit some.


  1. Lazy Sundays at home with my husband
  2. Spending time with friends and family
  3. Good coffee
  4. Dark chocolate
  5. Petting the cats while they purr
  6. The dog leaping in excitement when I come home
  7. Sunshine on my skin
  8. Writing
  9. Reading
  10. Photography and art
  11. Bubble baths
  12. Travel
  13. Museums
  14. Sierra Mist soda
  15. Pink sunrises
  16. Pink cupcakes
  17. Fresh strawberries and plums
  18. Farmer’s Markets
  19. Grass between my toes
  20. Sand between my toes
  21. Flowers blooming
  22. Fireflies
  23. Ladybugs
  24. Baby animals
  25. Finishing a craft project
  26. Picking out a new craft project!
  27. Blowing bubbles
  28. Driving with the windows down and the music loud
  29. Getting a handwritten note or letter
  30. Folding warm laundry
  31. That feeling right after a great haircut
  32. Crazy colours of nail polish
  33. Being around old growth trees
  34. Groot
  35. Thunderstorms
  36. Warm rain
  37. Crawling into bed on Mondays – clean sheet day!
  38. Watching baby goat videos on YouTube
  39. Making up songs to sing to the animals.  Or the husband.
  40. Sonic real fruit slushes.  Why don’t we have Sonic in Canada??
  41. Board game nights with friends
  42. Stitch n’ bitch nights with friends
  43. Writer’s group
  44. Book club
  45. Coffee dates with friends
  46. Romantic dates with my husband
  47. Modern Family and Blackish (my TV indulgences!  Never fail to make me laugh.)
  48. Bubblewrap
  49. Crushed Ice
  50. A good night’s sleep with only good dreams

For extra happy, this one includes a bonus llama!! You just can’t beat a bonus llama…

2 Comments for “Fifty Bits of Happiness”


Ooh, must try sierra mist soda. Is it only in the states too? You should try watching Life in Pieces. If you like Modern Family, you’ll probably enjoy that as well:)


There’s an import store in Calgary that sells it apparently – or so I’m told, I’ve only ever bought it in the states. I love it because it isn’t overly sweet and tastes really “clean” and citrussy. 🙂 We have some Life in Pieces on the DVR, I think we’ve only watched one or two though – not enough for me to get too into it yet, but I may!