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Jane EyreJane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
My rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

I’ve never taken so long to read a book in my life. It was like torture every day to try and go back to it and get it finished. I kept complaining to my wife that it was sooo long, and she kept telling me that I should be done already because it was such a short book. She was obviously wrong, it was an incredibly long book that takes forever to get through.

Ok so the book. I’m probably not built for this kind of literature, it just didn’t do anything for me. Jane wasn’t a captivating character, probably because I couldn’t relate to her in any way. While I felt sorry for her predicament in life, that was about it. Did children actually throw tantrums and faint like that way back when?

The interaction between Mr.Rochester and Jane was mildly interesting, because I could relate to some of that, but things just moved so slowly that it was difficult for me to stay interested. I know that’s the writing style and word choices of when the book was written – but that doesn’t mean it’s “good”. It might have been awesome 100 years ago, but time goes on and things change.

The story isn’t original or world shattering. Again, it probably was when it was written, but thats like using a cell phone from 20 years ago now and saying it’s great. Judging the book based on how much I enjoyed it is really the only metric I can offer. And, I didn’t.

One thing I did appreciate (other than getting to the end of the book finally and not having to read any more) was that the ending was a little bittersweet, and not totally happily ever after. More authors should be willing to write semi-realistic endings rather than the pure over the top romanticised happily ever after.

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Well, I’m proud of you for making it all the way through and not giving up!!

And you’re right; happy endings are very much a modern literature phenomenon. Endings used to be mixed much more often, or decidedly unhappy. You don’t see as much of that now.


I don’t think I could have done it without encouragement. Though you constantly asking me why I hadn’t finished it yet might have been counter productive. It did give me some space to whine about how long it was tho, so thank you.

I kind of like mixed endings, I wish more books had the bad guy winning. I’m not sure what that says about my personality, but oh well.

Patt O'Connor


I commend you for getting through it, It’s also not my idea of a great book, and I would never get John to read it/1


Katie and I figured out that I must be a story driven reader, which is why I struggle with a lot of in depth character driven novels. Maybe you’re like me and this just isn’t the right type of material. I felt bad because I’ve heard such great things about the book in general, but it’s just not my thing.

Does Dad actually read books or just watch the history channel? 😉


Hahaha. Well done Richard! Don’t worry, no one can read as fast as Katie. Glad you survived! What did you think of the wife in the attiic twist?


I think I also found the book more interesting than he did – I love character based novels, he likes fast, plot based novels. Jane Eyre definitely isn’t “fast”… And believe it or not I have friends on GoodReads who double and triple my numbers for reading! I wish I could read even more than I do!!


Yeah I know right? She reads crazy fast. She denies it, but we all know the truth. The wife thing wasn’t as twisty as I was hoping for, Vampires would have been awesome. But I suppose a crazy wife, back in the day was just as scary as vampires.

What did you think?