Your Home Shower

cat_1295230fWhen you travel a bunch, as my husband and I do, you get to experience all kinds of showers.  Hot showers and cold showers, weak showers and painfully strong showers, showers with lots of ledges and niches and those with none.  There are showers I have to spend twenty minutes under just trying to rinse my hair.  I hate some of those showers.  Others are tolerable… but just.

Then there’s the toiletries.  Unless you are buying new when you get somewhere, it’s likely you’re using the stuff from the hotel.  You never know what that stuff is going to do to your skin and hair.  Are you going to have a frizzy afro on your head?  Hair so flat and greasy that you look like a homeless person?  And if you have sensitive skin like me – you never know what’s going to happen from that strange soap and lotion.  I usually carry back-ups that I know are safe just in case.


And the best feeling in the whole world is that first shower when you get home again.  Oh the dance of joy that comes from being in your own shower once more!

You know where everything is with your eyes closed.  Yep, that’s the shampoo.  Yep, that’s your soap, not the husband’s strong smelling man-soap.  Yep, that’s the cat that has to monitor all of your shower activities and wants a little acknowledgement, wet hands or no.


You know exactly what every little change of the shower controls will do, and how to make it just hot enough to melt away all your stress without scalding you to a raw piece of meat without warning.  You know just how cool to set it to rinse the conditioner from your hair and leave it shiny without making you scream and dance about on a slippery floor from sudden frostbite while desperately trying to reach the shower controls without touching the water.


So here’s to home showers.  Oh god does that first shower make me happy to be home!


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Patt O'Connor


Agree completely! Same with the bed!


We had a terrible, horrible, very bad no good bed at the Hilton, but the beds at all our other hotels were actually awesome! And king size – I can’t wait til we can get a king at home! But the showers – oh man. I just heart my shower at home.