Reviews – Arctican (Corkcicle)


Arctican by Corkcicle



This works even better than advertised.  I’ve been using it for months and my day wouldn’t be the same without it.  Great for travelling, out in the backyard, or keeping my morning soda cold so I can enjoy it at length. Great product, great idea and very well executed.

The Story:

I was really excited to find the Arctican.  I don’t drink coffee, and prefer to rely on my trusty Pepsi or other Cola in the morning.  So I need to keep my drink cool, and not warm.  There seem to be innumerable things on the market that keep mugs warm, but nothing that keeps it cool.

Nothing until this product by Corkcicle anyway.


It’s a simple product for a simple problem.  The sleeve is an (insulated?) aluminum with a rubber wrap around the top to hold the can firmly, and the bottom unscrews so it can be placed in the freezer before being replaced.  The bottom “core” keeps the drink chilled for an extended period.

The best part about the product?  It works.

Now it won’t cool off a warm soda (much), but it will keep an already cold or chilled drink the same temperature for hours.  I use this indoors in my office, so I’m not sure IMG_4137what a high ambient temperature would do to the drink – the site claims it works even in hot sunlight, but I don’t have to test that personally.  For me, it will generally keep my fridge cooled soda cold until lunch time.  Which is about as long as I’d want to be drinking the same one anyway.

The core will cool in a few hours, if I finish off a drink in the morning and remember to freeze it, it’s usually ready for double duty in the afternoon.

The sleeve itself works without the core being frozen, it doesn’t cool the drink nearly as long, but is still better than nothing on those days that you forget to put it in the freezer.


If necessary you can use it without hte core altogether.  There is a ridge in the bottom that prevents the can from falling all the way through. The core will lift the can slightly from this ridge for optimal placement, but can be used safely without.