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OMG this place was fantastic.  Everything was amazing, the view was amazing, the service was amazing – eating there made me say amazing a lot.


I’ve never had such fresh seafood, I couldn’t literally see them pulling it out of the ocean and putting on my plate, but I wouldn’t have been surprised.  While it was approachable  and felt like a cool neighborhood restaurant, we did make a reservation, and I’d recommend you do the same – it was a busy place.

The Story:

Fisherman’s Wharf was one of the places Katie was really excited to visit.  It was a huge place, I had no concept of how giant the pier was going to be.  Being by the  ocean is still a pretty new thing. There were so many shops, places to eat, stuff to do – and we were only on pier 39, there were 30 some other piers that we just drove by – I can’t imagine all the cool stuff that’s there.  It would take us another 40 visits to see it all.IMG_4245

We walked around for a while, and when we found the restaurant, sat outside to watch.  They had a walk up counter, where you could buy fresh seafood – and we could see inside to where the chefs were cooking for the people inside.

We were taken to a fantastic table overlooking the water.  Right by the window on the outside of the Wharf.  We’d had a chance to review the menu while we were waiting for our reservation to roll around so knew what we were going to order.  They had an extensive menu, basically anything you could want.  There were a lot of options to choose from.

For apps, we had the crab cakes, and sweet & sour calamari.  Well, I had the calamari and Katie had the crab cakes.  She doesn’t like squid, even tho it’s totally awesome, but I love her anyway.IMG_4248

The calamari was the best I’ve had, the breading was crunchy and pleasant without being heavy and greasy. The sauce was totally awesome and I wish I had a bottle to take home.  The crab cakes were good, Katie says excellent, I haven’t had many of them so don’t have much to base an opinion on.

Dinner was some kind of stuffed fish for Katie, and a whole crab for me. Which actually meant a whole crab worth of legs, and none of the icky insides that I didn’t want anyway – score.  I got the garlic roasted crab, and not the regular crab – which appeared to mean covered in stuff that was going to make my hands extra gross and covered with stuff.

Katie was not impressed that her fish was looking at her and I had to remove the head and tail before she would look at her plate.  After that she seemed to enjoy it just fine, so if you can’t take food eyeballing you, make sure to bring someone else along that can take care of it for you.IMG_4247

My crab was the most tender, and full of flavour I’ve ever had.  I could literally peel the shell with my fingers, the cracker wasn’t really needed except for the claws.  The meat held together very well and was packed with crab tastiness.

All considered – an excellent and worthwhile trip to Fisherman’s Wharf, the meal was the highlight of the day.


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Thank you 😀 – but I blame the pictures of awesome food for making you hungry. Definitely some of the best seafood I’ve had – we walked by here again on the weekend and the lineup for a table was around the corner.

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