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Hay J’s Bistro







Lovely restaurant, great atmosphere and fantastic food.  Everything looked beautiful and tasted even better.  Prices a bit higher than average, but well worth the spend.  Service was fantastic, attentive without being intrusive, friendly and welcoming staff.  Somewhere we would eat again if given the chance.

The Story:

We ate here during our stay in Spokane – it was handy, just across from our hotel – which was why we decided to try it out.

It’s attached to a gas station, and a butcher shop/liquor store – but you wouldn’t know it once you stepped inside.

It was a lovely smallish restaurant, only a dozen tables or so – dim lighting, romantic setting, not a family restaurant – or at least not somewhere I’d take the kids.  They have seating at a very small cramped bar just as you enter, and there are some TV’s on the wall there that distracted me during dinner.

The menu was a nice two pages, a good selection without having too much to decide.  I ended up with the peppercorn NY Strip (surprise!) and Katie picked up the Seafood Cobb Salad.  I’d seen a Cobb Salad before, but not with the seafood – she was delighted.


They had an impressive cocktail, beer and wine list.  I was tempted to order a bottle, but neither of us were really in to it after a long day in the car so we went with the usual soft drinks.

The service was excellent, the waiter was polite and attentive, did everything we asked, and even made small talk about us and our trip – kudos for him for trying to sound interested in strangers all night.

The food arrived promptly, and was beautiful, obviously arranged with care by someone that is making an effort in the kitchen.  Katie said something about her plate being lovely – I was suitably impressed by the size of my steak (10oz I think, not listed on the menu).

The food tasted as good as it looked, my mashed potatoes were to die for, and I was totally surprised with the crispy asparagus – normally it’s stringy and soft and unpleasant, but this was fantastic.


I’m not sure exactly what the salad tasted like, but Katie ate almost the whole giant plate (after not wanting to eat anything at all) so it must have been pretty good too.  She did give me a bite of the … langosti-something (the mini lobsters that think they’re awesome).  It was quite good, but blue cheese isn’t my thing so I had to refrain from first hand experience with the rest of the salad.

The meal was expensive, more what I’m used to paying Canada for a decent meal so from my experience in the States, probably a bit above average.  Well worth it though, I’d recommend taking a look.

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