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This was a lovely stop in Napa.  The restaurant was nicely laid out and comfortable.  Staff were very friendly and attentive, and the food was excellent.  To the point where we both had trouble deciding on a favourite to order from the menu.


The fresh tortilla chips for the table was a great addition, particularly since we were starving when we came in and they came to the table pretty quickly.  In fact everything tasted quite authentic and home made, which is a nice change from Mexican american.

The Story:

We were walking around Napa looking for food, it’s a lovely downtown area with quite a few options.  The restaurant was back from the road quite a ways, which made it nice and quiet.

Now – Mexican isn’t my favourite food, mostly because of the beans which I just can’t stand. The restaurant doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s well appointedIMG_4263 on the interior.  There was a nice patio, but I’m not an outside eater person either so we sat inside. Katie found the restaurant interior quite dark and difficult to see, I enjoyed it thoroughly due to my mole genes.

The fresh chips hit the table I think before we even ordered.  They were great, though the salsa was very runny and really not that good.  Not sure if that’s because it was home made and made weird, or just sucked.  Hard to say.

The menu was huge, there was so much in it – and mostly in another language so I had some difficulty figuring out something suitable. One day I’ll speak Spanish, maybe, but not today.  I ended up falling back on what I usually get when we go out for Mexican – fajitas.  Katie got some kind of plate with three enchiladas on it, one of each particularly kind.  She said the cheese was the best, though the beef and chicken came in a close second.IMG_4264

My fajitas were quite good, I got the steak and chicken mix for some variety. I was thrilled to get corn tortillas, we can’t find those in the stores up here.  The pico de gallo and fillings were perfect and overall I had a great lunch.

We even got a refill on the chips long before we’d hit the end of the first basket, I always hate having to wait for bread from the places that have table bread, this was a nice change.


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