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A great place to stop for lunch and dinner.  The sign thingy (awning) that sticks out form the building is charming – mostly because I don’t see many of them.  The menu is comprehensive without having too much on it.  The pasta selections all look fantastic and they have a variety so anyone should find something they are looking for.IMG_4250

The food was all great, prompt and well put together.  Everything tasted good, perhaps not fantastic, but tasty.  The portions were large and I never felt like I needed to supplement – which being a big guy sometimes is necessary.  If you’re in the area I would highly recommend checking it out.

The Story:

We struggled our first few days in San Francisco finding places to eat that were both good and reasonably priced.  The Cafe looked like it would fit both those needs (based on online searching) so we proceeded down the block.  Staying at the Hilton it was basically around the corner.

I was impressed with the selection on the menu.  The restaurant itself wasn’t super fancy, nor recently renovated or modernly appointed – but at the end of the day I don’t really care about those things so that doesn’t matter.IMG_4251

We were seated at a half booth half table, which is usually what we end up with.  I really need a chair to be comfortable, booths were not designed with someone my size in mind.  The chairs were comfortable, which isn’t as easy to find as you may think, and there was lots of room.

The table did tip very badly once I leaned on it, I ended up having to shift the table over so we were both mostly in the middle before it would stay properly upright.  While this is mostly a minor thing, it sticks with you when you think of a place – not being well decorated is one thing, but not being well maintained is a totally different thing.

I ventured out in to the unknown and tried clams and mussels for the first time in their combined pasta dish that was titled in another language so I have no idea what it was.  It was basically clams, mussels and fettuccine in spicy tomato sauce.  Katie had the Seafood Melt sandwich and onion rings.  We were both so hungry that I missed getting a picture of hers, but it looked like your average sandwich.

Mine was fantastic, pleasantly spicy and full of flavour – I discovered that I’m not a big IMG_4252fan of mussels, a bit too fishy for me, but the clams were excellent.  I did get some sand from a few of them, so that was totally not fun but didn’t ruin the overall experience. Katie was impressed with her sandwich and gives it four stars – a little greasy but otherwise great.

I was so happy with the food and overall service that I went back solo for lunch the following day and had their Philly steak sandwich, which was fantastic and very like a panini (auto correct doesn’t know what a panini is, it is helpfully suggesting “panic” but the sandwich wasn’t that scary).  It was almost too hot to eat, but was too tasty to put down, so I kind of ended up burning my mouth.  There is a testimonial for you – “Customer says food too good to put down, worth a burned mouth to eat it as quickly as possible”.

What did you think?