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Black Bear Diner

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This was a great place to stop for lunch.  Everyone was very friendly, the bears out front and throughout gave the place an interesting quirky atmosphere.  I enjoy places that have a story, somewhere that I wouldn’t be able to eat back home, and this didn’t disappoint.

The food was excellent, big enough portions to fill, while leaving time for dessert. And boy should you save room for dessert.  You can see them all coming in, and they look tempting enough, but they taste even better.  Don’t spoil your dessert by eating too much dinner!


The Story:

It was the bear with the gun that drew me in to this place.  So it’s obviously a great advertisement there on the roadside.  A bear with a gun?  Of course we should eat there.

The rest of the bears going inside were even better, the carvings were well done and made me smile.  They would probably not hold as much charm if I ate there daily, but as something new, they were great.IMG_4214

We got a great corner seat by the windows so were treated with a lovely view of the beautiful day outside while we got our food.  The menu was somewhat charming, but we were both very confused for a few moments wondering why we had newspapers, and not menus to look at.  Upon further inspection the age of the news was apparent and we found the food inside.

While waiting for someone to take our order I found some interesting bottles of hot sauce at the table.  I’m sure they were for sale somewhere on the premises, there was a small gift shop by the checkout – but while they were cute I didn’t bother trying any to see if I wanted to take them home with us.  Normally when we run across stray pets I’m the one that refuses to let them come home.


The menu is fairly standard, nice family style restaurant food.  I did find a unique Blazin something sandwich that you can pick steak, chicken or pork to fill.  They did bring me the wrong food the first time – I heard the waiter telling the cook he was going to eat it because he was hungry and to get my sandwich done ASAP.  I felt bad, but my wife said the guy only took like 2 minutes to finish the  thing off so he actually must have been hungry.IMG_4219

When I did get my food – It was quite god, the BBQ sauce very tasty.  Their kettle chips were great, I really enjoy a place that makes and fries their own fresh.

Katie enjoyed her loaded beef dip as well and had no complaints.  Obviously they do sandwiches well.

We both jumped on the  dessert menu that we had been eyeing as soon as our plates were cleared.  I got the coconut cream pie (something I don’t get at home) and she got the bread pudding (same reason – I’m not a fan).

Hers tasted like bread pudding, which she said was fantastic – you’ll have to take her word for it.  My pie was mind blowingly good and I would like to take a stack of them home for later consumption – though they probably wouldn’t make it all the way back due to being eated in rapid succession.IMG_4221

Afterward we waddled back to the car both feeling quite content and full to bursting.


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