Hotels – Days Inn Klamath Falls

Days Inn Klamath Falls






First Impressions:

Wow, that’s a big piece of furniture right in the way, how do I get the suitcases by it.  This room is dim, but it looks mostly nice.  Nice chair, decent bedding, nice big TV. I kind of like these rooms with the built in entertainment center.  The bathroom is pretty well appointed, a bit bigger than average.  I always like having the sink outside of the bathroom especially when sharing.



5-minute later impressions:

OMG I thought I was going to fall right through this bed before it bounced me back out of it.  This would be awesome for kids to jump on, nice and springy.  Too bad we have these tiny square pillows again.

The furniture is laid out quite awkwardly, with the giant entertainment center and desk there is little room to scoot past someone to the bathroom and sink.  It’s also quite loud with all the people pulling in and beeping the alarms on their cars, but hopefully that won’t go on all night.



Must Haves:

k5562158[1]Air Conditioning:  Excellent quality, kept the room cool and wasn’t loud enough to cause us any issues.

Water Pressure:  The best water pressure I’ve ever seen in a hotel.  Unfortunately the shower head was so caked with calcium and other minerals that only half the jets worked.  The ones that worked sprayed at all angles, and more water sprayed on the floor than on me.

I did a quick fix by physically rubbing the deposits off the shower head with my thumbs, but that isn’t a fun or quick fix.  Proper cleaning can take care of stuff like this. My wife had gone first so her experience was worse because she couldn’t fix it.

The shower curtain was also too small for the tub, it couldn’t cover both the front and back of the tub at the same time, so one way or another water was getting on to the floor.

And to top it all off, there was plenty of hot water – but it was basically impossible to moderate your temperature.  The knob was so sensitive that if the breeze blew on it, the temperature would drop to sub-arctic, or skyrocket to volcanic levels.

So overall – a pretty awful shower experience, even with the excellent water pressure.

Bed Quality:  I was surprised at first when I sat down fairly heavily and bounced around, but it wasn’t too bad to sleep on.  Just a bit bouncy, and my wife grumbled every time I moved around.  Not one of those drop a bowling ball and don’t disturb the water mattresses.

Bathroom Coziness:  Spacious enough to be comfortable.  Pleasant experiences all around.

Wifi:  Good enough to stream some videos from our media center at home, though at low quality and with occasional buffering.  I didn’t get around to play video games since we got in late, but it probably couldn’t have handled it.  Web surfing and blogging on multiple devices, no problem.

Parking: Right outside the room.


Luxury Needs:


Refrigerator:  Huge by hotel standards, and with it’s own separated freezer.  Which we didn’t use.  Held all our Chinese leftovers with room to spare.  I hope whoever takes the room after us likes Chinese, we had no way to bring them with us.

Toiletries:  All different brands, and of low quality.  My wife was very underwhelmed and complained all day about how dried out and uncomfortable her hair was.  We joked that perhaps they had their maids steal from other hotels instead of making a unified brand of their own.  Maybe we just got the leftovers cause they knew we were Canadians?  How much stock can you put in hair products when you live in an igloo right?

Desk coziness:  The desk chair wasn’t the worst, but still mildly uncomfortable.  The arms were short so they didn’t dig in to my hips too badly, and the cushioning could have used some work.

Breakfast:  Available, but we both missed it.  Why only til 9 Days Inn?  I can barely function that early let alone try to walk over to the lobby and eat something.

Lighting:  A little dark until you get all the lights on.  Not bad, easy to find the switches, easy to turn off for bed time.

Ice:  Don’t know, motel style with doors opening to parking lot, not sure where the ice would have been located.


Overall Stay:


I was a bit put off at first.  I had to pee so badly when we arrived that it seemed to take forever for them to check in the couple ahead of me.  I’m sure they were just being friendly and making small talk – but when you know you’ve prepaid and it’ll only take 30 seconds for you to get keys so you can go to the bathroom, it’s hard to wait.

The lobby was beautiful, I loved the wall of windows overlooking the street.  I could see this was where the breakfast would be in the morning, and they had water and coffee waiting for us even now.

The desk staff was polite and helpful, and I got my ground floor room that I had specifically requested. I always try, especially when I know there isn’t an elevator.  Carrying luggage upstairs is probably my least favourite activity.

The room was a bit crowded, but still had more than enough space.  Not laid out the best, but nothing to really complain about.  The bed was comfortable without being fantastic, but we managed to sleep and weren’t dragging our heels too badly in the morning.

Will stay again.