Hotels – Best Western Plus Peppertree Liberty Lake Inn

Best Western Plus Peppertree Liberty Lake Inn

It seems like the names of hotels are getting longer and longer. At the same time the prices are going up and up, think those two things are related?

Anyway, this hotel was quite a pleasant stay.  Not perfect, but pretty good.


First Impressions:

Wow, this place is nice.  The bed looks great, nice big TV – we even have our own seating area. Desk looks sturdy, and the chair is comfortable, not one with the arms that won’t let my hips in.

Katie’s first impression:  Why is that weird looking pillow sitting on the floor next to the bed, shouldn’t it be on the bed?


Hey, check this out in the bathroom, they have this dispenser system and everything.  That is totally the best idea ever, now they don’t have to worry about making those little bottles of stuff.  I bet that saves the environment a ton of plastic waste, and is cheaper and everything.  This place really has everything figured out.


5-minute later impressions:

Wait, I think they have this dispenser thing backwards.  I know people steal those little bottles of stuff, and that can probably add up to a good amount of wasted money, but what if I had a giant empty bottle. I could totally fill up on their whole dispenser worth of product in a single visit, there has to be way more than a few bottles in there, I wonder how many people do that?  I bet it’s empty all the time.


Must Haves:

k5562158[1]Air Conditioning:  Excellent quality, kept the room at the set temperature.  Digital readout, easy to set.  Only drawback – not wall mounted so have to go over to the unit to set it and turn it on, not a big deal.

Water Pressure:  Impressive, didn’t struggle to get clean, plenty of hot to go around.

Bed Quality:  The mattress was nice, not too firm, but it didn’t squish under me either.  My only complaint was the pillows – all very soft, and the tiny square variety that are impossible to sleep on properly.  Buy regular size rectangular pillows please!

Bathroom Coziness:  Cramped, very difficult to use the toilet since it’s so close to the wall.  The toilet paper roll is about where my mid thigh needs to be, contortions required to wipe rear – excellent test of flexibility.

Wifi:  Good enough to stream some videos from our media center at home.  Not good enough for me to get a solid 20 minutes of MMORPG gaming accomplished.  No issues web surfing, so only borderline bad, and not totally hopeless.

Parking: Plenty and well positioned.

Luxury Needs:


Refrigerator:  Quite large for a hotel, suitably cold.  Plugged in when I got there so I didn’t have to wait for the cool to kick in.  Bonus points.

Toiletries:  Ok so this is kind of a long story.  I had my epiphany about the dispenser (no I didn’t steal their soaps) – but while I was in the shower I was thinking.  “Hey it would be really easy to put like, bleach or acid or something in this thing and really fuck up the life of the next guy to use this.”

Don’t judge me.

So then I was like – damn I wonder how easy it is to open this thing.  And I spent about 5 minutes trying to figure it out.  At the end I was no closer to determining where the latch was then when I started.  I assume it’s somewhere on the bottom, like it needs a key or something, cause there was a pushy part that felt like it would take something inserted in it.

Anyway, satisfied that no ordinary idiot could put acid in there, and that it was still probably soap, I squirted some shampoo in to my hand.  I had to squirt another 20 times to get enough to do my hair, and I don’t have long hair.  This thing was not meeting my awesome expectations.

It was worse when I went for the conditioner, because that was totally empty and nothing came out no matter how much I begged and pushed the button.

There was a polite sign informing me that if I wanted regular bottles of stuff I could call the front desk, but that is really not helpful when you’re already in the shower trying to wash your hair.  I mean, there’s no phone in there, how are you supposed to call?

So, I have no idea what kind of quality their stuff is, because I didn’t get to use it.  My assumption is – it’s fucking fantastic, and the guy before me filled a giant bottle to take home because he loved it so much.

Desk coziness:  The chair was great, no arms is awesome, my bum felt cushioned and suitably supported while I worked away at my important computer duties.  Shout out FFXIV friends!

Breakfast:  Awesome, I’m not usually a fan of breakfast, but actually sat down to eat.  The room was comfortable and the tables pleasant.  They had a variety of anything you could want, including hot scrambled eggs and potatoes – fresh, not the kind you get from frozen microwave boxes.

Lighting:  Switches at recognizable places, enough lights to light the room without feeling like the sun was living with us.

Ice:  Just down the hall from the room.  Had to use my face to press the button and hold the baggy thing over the bucket, but whatever works right?

Overall Stay:

The desk staff were very polite and helpful.  Easy check in and check out process.  Everything was ready and waiting when I arrived (I always reserve and pay online), and we got in to the room without any trouble.

I didn’t sleep great, but felt mostly rested in the morning.  I can’t blame the hotel much for that one because I never sleep well on my first travelling day. But feeling rested the next day is more than good enough.  Regular rectangular pillows would have made the night awesome.

The room was lovely and well appointed.  The AC was great and kept me cool enough to sleep.  There was more space than we needed and it felt luxurious.  Everything worked great and we had an overall pretty good night.

Breakfast was more than expected in the morning, hot and ready eggs, potatoes and ham – along with all the other usual fixings.

I would stay again.

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I’ll add a note that I’ve never seen such attentive staff as in the breakfast room here. They also seemed… almost happy to be there. Usually there is one sullen attendant lurking somewhere who seems reluctant to do much. Here, there were two perky and friendly attendants greeting people, refilling and checking items regularly and making sure everything was kept clean.

I really liked the mattress here, but the pillows were terrible.

Everything – the remote, the extra blanket I used to curl up on the sofa – came in little cloth envelopes that stated the item had been sanitized for me. I found this strangely comforting.

My only real complaint was the doggie next door that kept waking me up. And made me miss my own doggie.