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The Prince (The Selection, #0.5)The Prince by Kiera Cass
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“I could welcome someone else into my world, and it would be better than anything I’d ever had before because . . . because she would be mine.

And I would be hers. We would be there for each other. She would be what my mother was to my father: a source of comfort, the calm that grounded him. And I would be her guide, her protector.”


Because every girl wants a Prince of her own.

Ahhh these little novellas – they’ll be the death of me. I’m supposed to be reading books for my reading challenge, and I suppose these will be wild cards in it, but there’s so many of them and I keep grabbing them because they are easy and tempting and fun.

This novella is a little peek into the brain of Prince Maxon. It begins before The Selection, and you’re given a little glimpse into how he became the fellow he is. The most fun of it, as far as I was concerned, though, was getting to see that first garden scene through Maxon’s eyes. You know, the one in The Selection where America throws a hissy fit and demands to be let out into the garden, then proceeds to yell at Maxon and completely charm him all at the same time? Yeah. It’s really sweet seeing it through his eyes.

“There was something about her.. Even the way she didn’t like me drew me in, and I couldn’t help but smile.”


There’s also a redux of the first breakfast, also through Maxon’s eyes, which is slightly less charming (because we get to see how shallow he can be. Though, come on, he’s a prince, we all knew he had flaws, and shallow isn’t a shocking one or anything).

This is a sweet little story, and a quick read (I finished it in under an hour). It doesn’t have the rushed feeling of The Queen – the previous novella I’d read in this series – which is nice. It is, however, awfully short, and so I was left wanting a bit. The writing, again, is not quite so polished as it is in the full novels. Different editor maybe? Different writing schedule? Less time spent on re-writes? Who knows, it’s just not quite as good. Not bad, but not quite as good.

This is worth a read if you’re getting into the series. I’d probably read it between books 1 – The Selection and 2 – The Elite rather than where I did (post The Elite).

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