100 Things I Love

3941429473_1fcbbe6940I’ve been reading the book “The Right to Write” by Julia Cameron for a while now.  What’s taking me so long to finish it, you ask?  Oh, well, because every two to three pages, there’s a new writing exercise, and because (as I explained to my wonderful friend Sam who recommended the book to me) I was that kid in school who does the disussion questions at the end of the sections of her textbooks because they are there (and why else would they be there, unless you were supposed to do them??) I can’t seem to just skip them!

Most I’ve written out in my pen and paper journal, but this one I decided to share here.  From page 43:

Drama in our lives often keeps us from putting drama on the page.  Some drama happens and we lose our sense of scale in our emotional landscape.  When this happens, we need to reconnect to our emotional through line.  We need a sense of our “before, during and after life.”  This tool is a personal antidote for too much drama.

Set aside one half hour.  Settle yourself comfortably.  Number from one to a hundred.  Now list one hundred things you, personally, love.


Don’t get offended, anyone.  These are in no particular order, they just came into my head this way!


      1. My husband
      2. My animals
      3. All animals, providing they are cute and furry.  Or feathery.  Or just sweet.  Or just any animals basically.
      4. My parents
      5. My friends
      6. Good coffee
      7. Good books
      8. Good music
      9. Hugs.  Especially sleepy, snuggly ones 
      10. Kisses
      11. Rainy days
      12. Sleeping in
      13. Travelling
      14. Getting lost while travelling and ending up on an adventure
      15. Writing
      16. Blogging
      17. Photography
      18. Making pretty things
      19. Pretty things other people have handmade
      20. Snuggling in my bed with my husband and pets
      21. Manicures in unusual colours/textures/styles
      22. Pretty and pretty-smelling bath/body stuff
      23. Uptown Funk and other songs that get me moving
      24. Blog post comments and feedback – nothing brightens my day more
      25. Sunflowers
      26. Sunny days
      27. Birdsong in the morning
      28. Crickets in the evening
      29. Fireflies
      30. Front porches
      31. Animal rescue videos
      32. Strawberries
      33. Home-grown tomatoes
      34. Cooking for people I love
      35. Real brewed iced sweet tea – southern style 
      36. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza
      37. Swimming
      38. Beautiful swimming pools
      39. Beautiful lakes for swimming
      40. Cool pens for my journals
      41. Cool journals
      42. Colouring
      43. Amazing markers and coloured pencils
      44. Adult colouring books
      45. Libraries
      46. Bookstores
      47. Out-of-the-way Coffee Shops
      48. My iPhone
      49. My iPad
      50. Highways 
      51. Trees – old trees.  Huge trees.  Hugging huge, old trees.
      52. Folding warm laundry
      53. That feeling when your kitchen is perfectly clean before you go to bed
      54. Kitty cat headbutts
      55. Cool dewy grass when you have bare feet
      56. Thunderstorms
      57. The colours of autumn leaves
      58. Gardens – particularly English cottage style gardens
      59. Deserted beaches
      60. Yarn stores                                    
      61. Scrapbooking stores
      62. Art galleries
      63. Christmas trees
      64. Old stop-motion Christmas TV specials
      65. Victorian architecture
      66. Modern architecture
      67. Log cabins
      68. A-frame cabins
      69. Meeting friends for coffee
      70. Meeting friends for stitch’n’bitch time
      71. Book Club
      72. Writer’s Group
      73. Dollhouses and miniatures
      74. The Beatles 
      75. Nina Simone
      76. Billie Holiday
      77. Baking bread
      78. Baking all kinds of other goodies
      79. The Princess Bride movie
      80. Labyrinth (movie) 
      81. Hoarfrost
      82. Kitties who are obsessed with cuddling in the bathroom
      83. Reading outside in the sunshine
      84. Watching animal videos online (not just rescue videos!)
      85. Making up songs to sing to my pets and husband
      86. Snuggling stuffies
      87. Making up my own words when other modes of language just won’t suffice
      88. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
      89. Churros
      90. Making lists
      91. Organizing things, especially with access to a label maker 
      92. Alphabetizing things
      93. People watching
      94. Board games
      95. Video games, especially with my husband
      96. Anything Hello Kitty
      97. Jigsaw puzzles
      98. Amigurumi
      99. Train trips
      100. Road trips


This was a fun list to make, and reminded me of how I’ve gotten out of the habit of making gratitude posts.  If you make a list of 100 things you love, what would be on it?  Do you have 100 things?  More?

Celebrate what you love!

2 Comments for “100 Things I Love”


Love it! Good job Katie. Maybe I shouldn’t have skipped some of those writing exercises, but I still love the book and have found it hugely beneficial! Also, here is one of my kids favourite library youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OWutiH0azo


I’ve been skipping some, now – it’s like my brain needed “permission” to do so or something, and now I’m good. I’ve kept doing about half of them or so and have found some of them really good, especially the one on listing the places you’ve lived and turning them into settings – that was one of my favourites. There were two exercises for listing things you’re proud of – I only did one of those, haha! They seem to repeat a bit.

And that is an excellent video – your kids have good taste! 😉