Struggling to See the Light

Lemon slices

Sometimes, practicing gratitude gets really, really hard.

It’s those days when nothing seems to be going right.  When the sky is gloomy and all you want is a little sun.  When you can’t seem to find a parking spot, or catch a break, or find that sliver of hope for the future.  When it seems like all you get is bad stuff heaped on top of you, and you can’t seem to find a way out, it’s really, really hard to find things to be grateful for.

And those are the moments when it’s the most important to find that moment when you can reflect with an attitude of gratitude.  The practice of gratitude is what makes you feel the richest in the poorest of moments.

I’ve been having some of those gray days lately.  I have a hard time with this particular stretch of mid-winter every year, when it seems like the world will always be cold and frozen and I’ll never see blooming flowers again.  It saps my strength, my energy, and my mood.  Help me fight back by sharing your own moments of gratitude with me in the comments, please!


This week, I’m grateful for:

  • Hot coffee and flavoured creamer in the mornings.
  • Kitty cat headbutts of love.
  • A smiling cashier in the checkout line.
  • Popcorn and hot chocolate.
  • Lunch dates at Boston Pizza.
  • Leftover pizza for breakfast!
  • Going out for drinks to reconnect with a friend.
  • Warm boots for tromping through snowy parking lots.
  • Warm, sleepy, snuggly puppydog moments.
  • Unconditional love from animals.
  • Pretty yarn, even if it is fiddly to work with.
  • Skills to make things from pretty yarn.
  • Pets who understand when you yell and curse at pretty yarn for being difficult.
  • That moment of folding fresh, warm laundry when you have cold hands.
  • Silly kitties wanting to sleep in sinks
  • Audio Books that keep me company while doing chores.
  • Cool, snuggly sheets after a long day.
  • Sleep.  Whenever and however i can catch some of it.




4 Comments for “Struggling to See the Light”


Downton Abbey
A friend who is experiencing the same thing you are;)
Finding blackberries at an acceptable price
The feeling after you’re done pilates (but not during!)
Finishing a book
Starting a book
Listening to your favourite author’s on The Next Chapter
Having a book club or writer’s group to meet with.

Hang in there, Katie. Buy yourself some bright flowers to put in the window and blot out the grey!


Ohhh Flowers – they had some beautiful, really colourful ones at Walmart this week (go figure!). I might have to do that. Are you sick of winter, too? And you’re sooo right about book club and writer’s group – both are just around the corner. I’ll be missing you there as usual!! Have you found a book club on the island?

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