Healthy Gratitude

1452502257-810cbc39-6de6It’s been a bit of a rough month or two around here, health-wise.  My poor husband threw out his back in early December – we thought it was just one of those things – it had happened before.  But this time it progressed to other symptoms, and we finally ended up in the ER in the middle of the night when the pain was too much to take any more.  Turned out he’d ruptured a disc in his back.


After having a bit of a flu over the holidays, I then managed to strain/sprain my shoulder earlier this week.  Ugh.  Really, universe, really?

But it’s the annoyance of those injuries that made me realize just how lucky we both are, health wise.  There are so many bullets we’ve dodged, so many times I’ve seen others taken down by injuries and illnesses that could have laid us out just as easily.  I’m just so grateful that, for the most part, we have lived very healthy lives.

030I’m grateful that we have access to loads of healthy foods at our local shops and farmer’s market.  Not everyone is so lucky; millions live in food deserts where fresh produce is not just difficult to find, but near impossible.  And I’m not talking about people in Africa, I’m talking about people down the street, living in poor or urban neighborhoods where even an apple is hard to find, never mind getting 7 servings of fresh fruits and veggies a day.  I’m so grateful that it’s easy for me to get to the store, even if the downtown Co-Op is gone and I can’t just run down the street any more, hah, and to get foods that are fresh and healthy and affordable.


I’m grateful for our health care in Canada.  I’m worried about friends and family in the states, and what they will do if republicans have their way and are able to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Why is it a right to run around with assault rifles, but not a right to be able to see a doctor?  Sometimes I just don’t get politicians.


How are people so hateful that they want to deny care to their friends and neighbors?  Or even themselves?!!  I just don’t get it.  Maybe I’ve just become too Canadian now, I cannot see why everyone wouldn’t want health care for everyone around them.

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