Book Review – The Princess Who Stood on Her Own Two Feet

The Princess Who Stood on Her Own Two FeetThe Princess Who Stood on Her Own Two Feet by Jeanne Desy
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

‘Ah, well,’ the Wizard said. ‘I gather from all this-I shall make a note-that sometimes one must sacrifice for love.’
Mirabelle looked intently at the Wizard. ‘On the other hand,’ the cat said at last, ‘sometimes one must refuse to sacrifice.’

Yes, this is a tale about a Princess.

I had no plans to read this, or review it, but a friend sent me this story when I was talking to her about choosing a mythology book to read for my 2016 reading challenge (since she’s a Mythology Prof, who better to ask??). She mentioned that if she had a daughter, she’d read her this tale every day, and when I read it, I was taken aback by how strong the message is for female empowerment.

This book is awesomesauce.

The tale follows a princess who is strong and smart and lovely, but a bit lonely. The very handy local wizard matches her up with the most lovely of companions – a sweet and loyal dog. But she dreams of the wonder of a prince, and her royal parents eventually pair her with one.

The problem is, to the prince – unlike to the dog, who adores her – she is far from perfect.

Since she was often idle now, the Princess practiced witty and amusing sayings. She meant only to please the Prince, but he turned on her after one particularly subtle and clever remark and said sharply, ‘Haven’t you ever heard that women should be seen and not

The book is about how women change themselves for men, and why they shouldn’t.

Every little girl should read this book. Seriously. This is an awesome book. Unfortunately, I think it’s out of print, so I’m going to provide the link that my friend provided me with, in hopes of sharing this wonderful story with others. Read this. Read it to your daughters. Read it to your sons. Everyone should learn from this.

PDF version of The Princess Who Stood on her Own Two Feet

‘But I am a Princess!’ she wailed. ‘I’m supposed to be tall.’ For in her kingdom, all the royal family was tall, and the Princess the tallest of all, and she had thought that was the way things were supposed to be.

The dog privately marveled at her naivete, and explained that in the world outside this kingdom, men liked to be taller than their wives.

‘But why?’ asked the Princess.

The dog struggled to explain. ‘They think if they’re not, they can’t. . . train falcons as well. Or something.’ Now that he thought for a moment, he didn’t know either.

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