January Writer’s Group

linkedintopThe next meeting of the Strathmore Writer’s Group will take place at the Strathmore Municipal Library on 4 January at 6:45 pm.  Thank you to those who made it out to the December group, despite holiday obligations and everything else that December brings us.  And a happy belated birthday to our member Jo-Anne Sieppert, who was out partying on her birthday during our last meeting.  I hope you had a drink for us!  And I hope you had a fabulous time!!

It seems like with all our socializing, we barely have time for writing exercises any more.  I’m hoping to change that this month!  I’ll arrive a little early (half past six) and will be putting out a writing exercise on the table, so we can work on it as we arrive and settle in and wait for the library to close.  Then we can share our exercise experience first, and our in-progress works after, with socializing at the end!

I’m hoping this format will help us all with some productivity and inspiration.  I’ve been greatly inspired by our prompts and exercises in the past to spread my wings with writing in different ways or in areas I’d never written before, and I miss it!  After the meeting I’ll be posting the writing prompt here and in our Facebook group for those who couldn’t attend.

In other news, I’ve created a folder on Google Drive to hold our collaborative projects as well as any writing you are working on that you’d like more in-depth critique and analysis on.  I’ve sent an invitation to all of you that I remembered (and/or could find, haha) email addresses for, but I’m sure I missed a few!  Feel free to drop in documents along with an explanation at the top of what you’re looking for (advice, editing, etc) or check in to see what other members are looking for help with through the month.  This can not only help us keep in contact with members who can’t always make meetings, but will give us a chance to check-in and reconnect through the month, and if we decide to work on another collaborative project, it makes an easy space for creative teamwork.  If you haven’t received an email but want to, please shoot me a note at katkenig@gmail.com or on Facebook.

I hope you are all still inspired and writing away!  See you soon!


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