December Writer’s Group

The December meeting for our writer’s group will be held on 7 December at the Strathmore Municipal Library.

Thank you to those who attended our November meeting!

12140618_10152998488117820_2644657974969799538_nJust as a reminder, our group is intended for support and inspiration.  It is not a group to come and attempt to sell your book, though we try to be supportive of those who have books for sale.  Everyone in our group has much to offer, and everyone in our group is of great value to us.  I have found, over the years, that hearing the perspectives of other writers – sometimes most especially from those who write in other genres than myself – brings me insight and depth to my writing that I might otherwise be lacking.

We ask that those who attend do so with an open mind and heart.  We are a caring and friendly group and we welcome new members with that same open mind and heart.

Our meetings generally consist of friendly conversation until the library closes, then progresses to reading and sharing our work, feedback and constructive criticism, then – if time allows – a writing exercise or prompt.  We have writers of all stripes, from poets and playwrights to those who write memoirs, journalists and feature writers to novelists of all kinds, including fantasy, sci-fi, women’s fiction, and more.    Everyone is welcome and everyone in our group is considered of equal worth, whether they have thousands of sales or are just getting started with a journal.

We had a bit of a rough experience in our last meeting, and it left all the members a bit shaken, but I want to reassure everyone that I will do everything I can to ensure that our group remains a safe space for writers to come together, share, and become our own community.

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