Part 8 – Trakt Integration

logoThanks for following my Home Media Center series.  This will be my last installment.  We were pretty much finished after installing Kodi and connecting to our Emby server, but I discovered one more cool Add-on that I use almost daily.

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If you haven’t heard of – it’s a way to track your watched status for TV and Movies in a single central location that all your programs and app can use to sync to and from.

So – first things first, you’ll need to sign up for an account.  You can do that here:

Now with your account in hand, we need to do two things.  Install the Trakt Add-on in Emby, and Install the Trakt Add-on in Kodi.

Both are very straightforward.  The Kodi instructions and information can be found here:

Essentially – Open Kodi.  Go to System-> Add-ons -> Install from Repository -> Kodi Add-on Repository -> Program Add-ons -> Trakt -> Install



During the install you’ll be asked to authorize your account.  Navigate to the website and follow the on screen instructions.



Once you Authorize your account the install will complete.  Feel free to take a look at the Configuration and change any settings you might want.  The default settings will automatically sync your watched status to and from Trakt.  If there is a conflict, the watched status overwrites the unwatched status in either location.

Next – Emby.  Open your Emby Server and navigate to Plugins, then select “Catalog” from the top selector.

emby add-on


Scroll down to locate Trakt, click on it, and click to install.

install trakt


Back to your plugins, now under “my plugins” on the top selector you should see Trakt.  Click on it to configure.  You’ll need your username and password.  I also recommend selecting “Skip unwatched import from trakt” so you don’t overwrite your watched settings in case something goes wonky.

You’ll find a username dropdown at the top, so if you have multiple users, each can have their own watched statuses.

That’s it, now you’re all set to sync to the cloud.  There are tons of Trakt apps, for phones and other devices that let you manually toggle settings. I have one for my phone that I use when watching stuff from my PVR.  I just pull the show up and check off the episodes and my watched statuses sync up nicely.