Book Review – Torment

Torment (Fallen, #2)Torment by Lauren Kate
My rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Well. This was a little more sensible than the first book in the series. But it’s left me with some questions.

If Luce and Daniel’s love is so forbidden, with him being an angel and her a human, why the hell are there apparently scores of children of these kinds of forbidden loves running around Luce’s new school, while only Daniel and Luce are cursed?

Speaking of the new school, why do they have wood burning fireplaces in a high school dorm room in California? This is all kinds of weird.

Why do some of the angels grow up into adult angels and some of the angels remain perma-teens? That’s just weird.

Why is it okay for angels and demons to date and be in love if it’s not okay for angels and humans?

Why are supernatural beings who have tracked a person across time and distance fooled by a hair dye job?

I have one big question which, if I’m right would be a huge spoiler for the series and is the ONLY reason I am reading the last book (to see if I’m correct. Or not. Not would be better, because then I’d be surprised.) But is Luce named Luce because she’s actually Lucifer, and has forgotten who she is through this curse? That would be the only reason for things to go the way they have gone, and while it would in fact create even bigger plot holes than the ones already existing in this series, it would at least show a little forethought.

Which thus far, I’m not seeing a whole lot of from the author. It’s like the whole first book, which took place, let me remind you, in a reform school, was kind of a whoops, wow, angels wouldn’t hide out in reform school – lets put them in a posh upper crust boarding school instead. Which, honestly, would have made a lot more sense in the first book, had that been the way it happened. But it didn’t.

Argh. I’m just so frustrated because this could have been a *great* series. But it just isn’t. And I need a great book right now.

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