Book Review – Lunatics

LunaticsLunatics by Dave Barry
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

I wrote a really long, detailed, fantastic (if I do say so myself) review of this book, with tons of quotes and thoughts and then the computer ate it and left me with a blank screen.

I thought about trying to recreate it, but now I’m very cranky and angry at the universe which I should not be when trying to write about this book, because this book is hilarious and wonderful.

We listened to the audiobook of this on our road trip recently. We cracked up the whole time. It was absolutely the best book in the humour genre that I have ever, ever listened to. It was also a great shared experience to be able to listen to it with someone, which I highly recommend.

To tell you about the plot of the book, instead of rewriting, I’m just going to give you a chain of gifs that I used before. Look at them, realize how much you will laugh, and go get this book.

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