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Isolation (Partials Sequence #0.5)Isolation by Dan Wells
My rating: [usr 4]

Oh, thank goodness. I was, once again, thinking I was getting burned out on reading YA, because the last series I picked up was like a pike in the brain. This was good.

While this is the prequel to the Partials series, and it is often recommended that you read it after at least one of the other books in the series, I decided to read it first. I’m a rebel like that. I also did the same thing with the prequel to the Mazerunner series and that worked well enough, and I’m a fan for keeping things in order, so.

The world is at war. And because we’re like that, we don’t want to risk more human life. Or, that is, human life on our side. So a brilliant scientific organization that is also corrupt and pretty creepy (because, real) comes up with a way to create synthetic soldiers that look like humans and mostly act like humans, and sort of even think like humans (with their own little twists) and then (because again, real) they go on to treat them like disposable crap even once they’ve been given the ability to think and reason.

People suck.

It’s piqued my curiosity about the rest of the world in the series and really has me excited to read the rest of the books. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything or confused by anything because I didn’t read the other books first. So if you want to read this first, go for it! If you have even half a brain you’ll get what’s going on.

Because this is just a short novella, there isn’t a lot of character development or plot movement, but it’s a nice insight into the world-building that went on inside the author’s head and hints and motivations for what I presume will be the plot in the further books. Good, quick, one-evening read.

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