Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Gold-LabelOverall – 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Bottle Boasts – 
Hand selected by Johnnie himself from hand picked prized casks.  Bold blend of intense flavours.

Delivers –
Very smooth, crisp.  Mild burn, pleasant after taste.  Not peaty at all, more rich and full flavoured.



Tasting Notes

To The Eye

Beautiful rich honey colour.  Quite translucent, clear and warm looking.

To The Nose

Very strong honey, flowery – heather, clover.  A bit of caramel and subtle spice.

To The Tongue

Rich honey and flowery green crisp pleasant taste.  Slightly spicy and vanilla.  A bit watery and thin, which is unexpected and not at all pleasant.

To The End

Warming, lingering.  Long finish with a slight tingle.  Sweet after taste, very mellow.