Fast Food – Wendy’s

Given the choice, I’ll pick Wendy’s 9 times out of 10.  That’s probably a combination of not having one in town, so only getting them when we are out – and their food being totally awesome.

om-nom-nom-massive-burger[1]It’s not just because their food tastes great, it’s the ways that they put them together.  Other places try to put together a spicy chicken, or a bacon cheeseburger, but Wendy’s just does those things better.  In particular their spicy chicken breading is the best in the business.  It’s nice to see a spicy sandwich that doesn’t just have a spicy dressing to top it off.

With the recent change of their fries, even those top my list now.  They used to be good, I liked the heft and crispiness of them with the mush centers – but now with the skin on and slightly seasoned they are great.  I like pretending I’m being healthy while eating a greasy burger.

Regular Order –

Wendy’s has a couple options for me.  Being a man, and a carnivore, their Baconator can’t be beat.  Two meat patties with tons of bacon, cheese and awesome liquid goodness they call sauce.  It’s right on that edge of ‘too big to fit your mouth around’ which is just about perfect.  As far as taste – it tastes like beef and pork, can’t beat that.

My other usual option is their Asiago Ranch Chicken Sandwich.  Previously I’d go with a straight spicy chicken sandwich, but this is an upgrade with bacon, cheese and yummy ranch goodness.  You can get it in three flavours (grilled, cripsy and spicy) – but spicy is the option for me.


To top off one of the combos, I also like to pick up some JBC (junior bacon cheeseburgers).  These are the best combo sandwiches out there, bacon cheeseburgers, but with lettuce and tomato too.  Normally it’s just a bun with some meat in the middle – it’s nice to have some veggies too.

If I’m in the mood for a real burger, their Big Bacon Classic is also a great option.  Their veggies are always crisp and pleasant, and the onions and such they top their burgers off with often hit the spot.

Breakfast –


Writing this I just realized that I’ve never had breakfast from Wendy’s so have no idea if it’s good, or if they even serve it.

Drinks –


The best thing I can think of to say about their drinks is that they are huge.  They are also usually unfortunately full of ice, so I’m not sure if I’m actually getting any value out of them.  They have the usual – and frosties, which aren’t my thing but my wife loves to dip her fries in them (so weird).

Thing I miss most –

At one point they had these crispy chicken strips, they were so awesome.  I’ve never had the same kind of breading, or sauce, that they served.  I wish they still carried them.

Fin –

In addition to everything else, Wendy’s has a great value menu.  Including nachos, wraps, burgers and other staples.  It’s pretty expansive.  Their salads are also quite good (so I’ve heard) and worth a taste.

What do you think of their burgers?  I find them different than your average fast food fare – more real burger like.  Anything you miss from their menu?

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Patt O'Connor


Their salads are good, I especially like the Apple Pecan Chicken salad. They have started serving breakfast again, but we haven’t tried it. They used to have a marvelous Breakfast Buffet on weekends, but discontinued it some time age. It was terrific and I miss it. I looked at their new breakfast menu and it sounded like most fast food breakfast menus, but may give it a try. I agree that their burgers are excellent and don’t taste like fast food burgers.


Oh they do have breakfast? Well that’s good to know at least. Now I just need to find someone that’s tried it. I had no idea they used to have a buffet, that’s really cool actually. It’s interesting how fast food places have changed so much over the years.



I’m with Katie on the fries dipped in frosty! Don’t knock it til you try it! Their salads are really good. Being lactose intolerant now (no frosties.. *cry) I can’t do cheese on the salads, but the Asian Chicken salad doesn’t come with it. Always liked that one. If you don’t like spicy too much, ask for the raspberry vinigrette with your salad instead of the spicy Asian dressing. 🙂


I have tried it, i find it very strange. But I’m not a salty sweet kind of guy, I’m either salty, or sweet. Katie is pretty big in to their salads, but I’ve corrupted her with the thought of bacon and now she usually gets a burger.

What did you think?